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This is a review of how I started to search the internet to find a way to earn an income from home
I started this project in 2009.
Came across some weird and wonderful sites.
No matter what life challenges were thrown my way.
Unexpected surgery, earthquakes.
I still set my goals and went about achieving them.
What sites pay and what sites are scams.
Yes you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Pro's and Con's

Wanting to achieve an ever growing income. I set about exploring websites.

When I first began in 2009 I was like a chicken with my head cut off, darting from this site to that, believing everything I read, trusting their words of gold.
That their opportunities were the best.

That I would earn 1000's before the evening was out.
Disappointment was all that I found.

In New Zealand it is so hard to achieve any sort of goals through the internet.
So many offers are not available to us.
Then when the Christchurch Earthquake hit. This just complicated matters.

When I first began in 2009 I was surfing for over 8 hours a day, earning no income what so ever, just spending, dreaming and believing.

How I sort out sites to join is I fill in their forms, if the verification turns up in my email inbox, then I start to think they are a site that must have been around a while.
If it turns up in my spam box then I delete them and do not even waste my time researching the site.

The temptation's were great to stray from my schedule and waste hours achieving no results, being lured in by their promises of wealth.

Headings like Daily Income Earn $20 A Day, Join Now, Free money, Instant wealth
Make REAL MONEY In 90days, Profits every hour. Free No Credit Check
3,000 Monthly Income make Money,
trusted admin are they really ????

I got burnt with trusting sites. Yes I thought I knew it all, their emails saying quick lock in your spot now. Three members have upgraded, you have commissions waiting. Like a fool I got sucked in and paid my money. Still waiting for the benefits.

Okay I can accept it might be because I am in New Zealand, and it might be working well in America. But they should state that.
$20 dollars to surf, yes I joined wasted to much time and money,
I did the sensible thing and did not continue, because if I could not get my head around it, how could I recommend it to other people.

I spent hours clicking lots of different sites recommended links, to still be in the same confusion at the end of the day.

You really need to keep your head out of the clouds and feet firmly planted on the ground.

STAY away from Flashadcash. Plus your traffic income. A daily cash. Best deal yet. Sites do not pay.

Benefits, working from home.

Nothing can stop you working from home.

No matter what the outside environment is, you are still able to access the internet and earn.
Just by visiting websites and participating.

You can feel safe and secure in the luxury of your own home.
You can determine the hours you want to work, change them if you so desire. Entertain when you want, Their are no boundaries, or obstacles to stand in your way,.

When I first started I was so ill, restricted to my lazy boy, struggling just to get to my chair, but once their it was a brilliant way to escape all the pain within, to put some normality back into my life.

To throw myself into reading and exploring the wonders available at all the different web sites was such a brilliant outlet.
Before I knew it hour's had passed, and I became unaware of the pain within

It gave me hope and a sense of all was not lost. That I could achieve my dreams.

Yes get paid for writing. Join me and experience the wonder's of all their advice on how to write. Join FREE and get paid for your writings.

Just been paid. Earn every hour on the hour. Proven Income

This is a brilliant website, and the most successful one that I have joined since 2009.

You get a free ten dollar tripler spot to begin. Then you earn 10% from all your down line referrals and 5% from their referrals.
I only join sites that can show me screen shots of their earnings.

Earn 24/7 Hourly Revenue From a Real Live Ad Network Paid To You Without Even Lifting a Finger!
Invested and earned within the hour.
You decide how much you want to invest, the more you do the more returns daily.

No hype needed as proven income DAY ONE>

They have a new concept that has hit the internet with a huge bang.

Just own positions, thats all it takes, fantastic and so simple !

You Could Become Financially Free in Six to Twelve months?
Just follow the Dollar Wise Plan
Connect at Bizhoppers and Tabzi daily sending members to your new GDI and Just been paid website.

Key to success.

The key to success, is by putting all your energy into the one business, promoting and duplicating and most important communicating.

Joining to many sites makes it impossible to generate any sort of income.
That is why people fail.
So by following my simplified step by step guide, your Guaranteed to succeed.
I upgrade at a new site every month.
I stick to my plan, pay every month a one off payment at a new safe list, for a six month or yearly membership, so things are building up nicely.

Now I have a lot of lifetime memberships, and the beauty is if you join a few new ones, then you have a lifetime of sending emails to the entire list, you get to join them at a very reasonable cost.
Plus the down line just grows and grows.

I joined Money mania in $20 for a lifetime payment.

I get to email daily every member that joins after me. They now have 9707 members.

I Joined on 12-30-2009 when they had very few members.
I get to email all these members daily, the cost now $47.00
So I suggest still join because it is growing rapidly, and imagine the cost in a years time.
I get great satisfaction when I look back at what I paid, and what the sites are charging now.
See the benefit of doing this as a business, but it must be a long term goal. Do not expect quick dollars over night.

Expecting everything for nothing will result in nothing.

I make sure to stick to my daily schedule, the temptation to stray is huge, as their are so many bogus sites advertising out there.

How to copy and paste

How to copy and paste, as a newbie I did not know how to do this, now it is my most valuable asset.

Sounds silly but I did not know this at the beginning when you open a site then flick to another the last site is in your task bar below.
You can go down their and click to go back to the previous site.

I even set up my own dictionary page to refer back to, as it is so important to get the spelling right, and have professional pages.

Copy and paste all pages of interest to your computer, save file's so you can return at your leisure and study.
First go to start and click. A box will pop up, click word pad and a blank screen will appear.
Type your headings. Now you are ready to copy and paste.
How left click holding down your mouse, run it across the page you want to save. The lines will turn blue, then click below Ctrl button and c insuring to hold them together.
Click below in the task bar and go to the page you have set up on word pad.
Bring this up to your screen. left hand click then push the Ctrl button and v insuring to hold them together.
Most important now safe the file, click above save file, name it and you are done.

Now a laugh for you all, see the banner I designed, it only took me a couple of days, and lot's of practice until I got it right. But I love the end result.

How to promote: Wikinut

Wikinut I searched the internet for a writing site that was FREE to join.

It took me a few months to get my head around it, but now I am in the process of writing two books, with photo's.
1. Christchurch through my eye's.
2. Through my eyes. Recovering after major surgery.
3. Earning an income from home.
Once I discovered how to add links, now the world is my oyster.

There were so many scams out there, I just wanted to full in my day, as I was housebound for a good six months, awaiting a reversal, stuck in limbo.

Then I found this amazing site that pays you for writing.FREE.

Also I am entertained here for hours reading other members writings.

Best way to express what you have to say, Write your page then send your url to all your friends and family, support groups, let the whole world know what you are thinking. I love the global access it allows.

You write your page, then Click and hold, running your mouse over what you have written, ensure it goes blue, then click above what you want to do, make sure to click link and add your page already published.

Plus you get to be involved with their community and meet a lot of wonderful people.
All inquiries :Skype is maree.wells


I found Global Domain while I was surfing, While recovering after major surgery.
I needed a website so I could start to sell my clothing.
As I had been forced to shut shop after major surgery. thinks were grim.

I was so excited as the cost was only $10 American per month.
Free 7 day trial, no hidden contract or cost.
I had researched in NZ and the cost was 1000's to set up a website.

So you can imagine my delight on joining, and seeing how easy it was to set up.
I had it up and on the internet with the day.
Their web master is so simple to understand.

This also introduced me to Alert Pay. The way people can pay for my clothing through the internet.

Yes Maree Designs had gone live.

I wasn't aware then that they also had an affiliate program.
Yes I really was a newbie, with very little understanding.
This was my introduction to being able to earn an income from home.
By Clicking Viewing and Earning.

I then got my daughter to join and purchase a site, so between us we set up another site.

Dollar Wise was born

Yes I was stuck in the Christchurch earthquake. Left homeless and without an internet connection.
I was so thankful that I had already set up Dollar wise, as I am upgraded at all the sites you will see listed there.

So I can say, YES it doe's really work. Working from home.

I was off line for a couple of months, when I had relocated and once again had access to the internet. I had money waiting. Yahoo.

After year's of researching, I have found the best site's, that pay daily.
Designed my own website through Global Domain, continuing to search and discover more opportunities available through other sites.

Social Network sites.

Social networks are the back bone of working from home, they allow you to communicate and stay in contact with all your down line
I have found the top two that are wonderful.
I spend hour's meeting people from all walks of life.
I stay in contact with all my down line members, we share information and support each other. As a team we achieve incredible results.
Helping each other building their nest eggs and achieving an income

Tabzi you will love.
Yes I joined as soon as I was invited. Promoting ready for their launch on the 15th of May 1012.
I was so impressed that I did not hesitate to become a founding member, when I was invited.
Due to the chch earthquake's I need more than ever now to earn an income from home.
Here I will achieve this.
They have so much to offer, So many people have gone and commented on my writings I have added for everyone to read.
Free members can earn 10 different ways.

I upgraded to get the most benefit from my membership.
Did you know that if you are a Gold member on both BizOppers and Swom, you can receive 150% of your Community Points and Gold Evangelist shares? From today onwards, you will get your extra points for every day that you are a Gold member on both site. Check your points here. If you haven't joined upgraded on Bizhoppers yet, now is the time to do it!
You receive commissions every month for all your contacts who are GOLD members. You may encourage contacts to upgrade by sharing your own positive experiences of being a Gold member.
Benefit #1 - Earn up to 70% in commissions!
Benefit #2 - $15 Instant Referral Bonuses
Benefit #3 - Unlimited traffic and referrals!
Benefit #4 - FREE Advertising!
Benefit #5 - FREE company sponsored referrals!
Benefit #6 - Swom Group Invitations
Benefit #7 - Revolutionary Communication Tools
Benefit #8 - Priority Support
AT LAST! An opportunity so lucrative that the decision is easy to make; revolutionary down line management using social networking, and a generous money making opportunity... even just one of those is reason enough to upgrade, but one thing is clear with our revolutionary viral referral program -- It is impossible NOT to earn!

Yes I promote my support website, helping housebound individuals feel secure in the knowledge that they have a friend. I send them to housebound.
Here they can read my comforting words of support.

Strongly suggest to try and upgrade when you can, because these sites are where I communicate daily and get sign ups.to Just been paid.

My Daily Planner I follow promoting Just been paid.

I was so thankful I was a member of Just been Paid.
Yes the day before the big earthquake hit Christchurch.
Everything, and everyone I knew were about to be effected for life.

I was left homeless, and had to relocate, I was left unable to log into the internet for six weeks, can you imagine my surprise when I logged back in to see it actually worked and I had earned money. I had clicked their auto invest button. Yahoo

This is where I invest all my earnings at the end of each month
You WILL Grow Richer - One Day At A Time! As your earnings grow, at the end of the month. 2% compounding daily. This is their statement and I have proven it to be true.

I have a step by step guide to follow at Dollarwise.ws
I believe 24/7 support for down line members is the key to success.

I purchased a page at Free traffic world with my down line earnings in 2009, cost 150 NZ dollars. Best investment ever.
He has been so wonderful supporting me.
So many times I have sent in support tickets asking him to change my banners, when I find a better site that pay's monthly. So I get him to change my page.

I love the fact I get to spend more time with my family, while this site is ]earning me dollars daily in the background.
Daily Planner = $$$. How I promote Just been paid.

Start by following these Three steps daily.
Join one site at a time building your advertising resources for Just been paid and Royalty 7.
You Could Become Financially Free in Six to Twelve months? Just follow the Dollar Wise Plan
Connect at Bizhoppers and Tabzi daily sending members to your new GDI and Just been paid website.
Join safe lists at a second G Mail account.
Go and read each page description on how to participate with individual sites.
As you send welcome emails to all new down line sending them to Bizhoppers.
They will duplicate and join your sites listed on your profile.
Do not stress. Join one site daily from the list below. Take your time.

Log into Just been paid, click marketing then affiliate websites to find your links to promote.
Click splash to find them.
Make sure to log in Daily to Bizhoppers and work from your profile page.
Promoting and Rotating my main sites listed here..( Find posts I use on the Bizhoppers start page.)
This is a long term profit plan, not a get rich scheme over night.
Success comes to those that are willing to put the hard work in, promoting, duplicating, participation.
Expecting every thing for nothing with no involvement. Results will = nothing.
No money no worries. Join Just Been Paid FREE.
Start FREE collect your free $10 then promote promote. Earning 10% from your down line.
You will be able to pay for upgrades with your down line earnings in a few short months.
By following the Dollar Wise Plan, I am at the same time building down lines at all the sites you see listed on my Bizhoppers Profile. Killing many birds with one stone.
My goal is to train people, but you need to be consistent to get anywhere in internet marketing, not just promote for a day then giving up saying internet marketing is a scam.
All I can do is show you how I earn. The next step is up to you.
This is how I have build my down line at JSS to over 346 and 0ver 1258 referral referrals in a few short months. Quite a nice little snow ball effect. Imagine in a years time how many I will have.

The secret to success with Just been paid, is that you need to be out there promoting and growing your down line. Then earning 10% level one and 5% level 2.

You could also achieve the same results. Dedication, participation and promoting is how.

Start each day by logging into Bizhoppers. In the search bar at the top, enter maree wells.

Click my photo, this will take you to my profile. Scroll down to the group Dollar Wise Request to join. Make sure to go here daily to see where I am surfing and earning that day.

Upgraded members be sure to copy and add these posts to your group daily.
Newbies who upgrade email me and I will log into Bizhoppers and set up your profile page FREE
I will also set up your group. This is how you will build up your down line at Just been paid.

Need help:Skype is maree.wells

Paid to click sites.

Click View Earn daily $$$$. These pay 8-10 levels deep daily.
I have tested 1000's of pay per click sites, and these are the one's that have paid me the most.

I've joined many systems and started many online businesses to actually test their money making ability first hand...
You will see the list I participate at daily at my down line website.
Simplified step by step guide on how and where to promote.

Don't join copy cat sites, join the original sites and you will earn dollars daily.
I am amazed how quickly people scam trying to get you to join their wonderful sites, that turn out to be useless.

I am upgraded at all my sites, as this is the best way to achieve results.

Remember I started this project in 2009.
So each month I upgraded at one site, in no time at all I was upgraded at them all.

It is very wise not to swallow up all your earnings but to re invest at least 1/2 to build your business and grow a lovely little nest egg.

Another FREE to JOIN> paid for click site that I participate in daily. Yes dollars do roll here,
That is why I did not hesitate in Upgrading to the lifetime plan.. Start small as you earn grab your upgrade.
Before you know it you will have a huge down line, your nest egg will just grow and grow.

I have been following Mary Anne since 2010. Upgrading at new launches.
Using Life time credits to Blast Just been paid and Tabzi.
How do I get "Superstar" status?
Refer only 6 sales and you hit "Superstar" status.

(A sale is as low as $10 - that is a fit for everyone, so hitting superstar status will be super EASY).
Superstar status will get you $25 in cash, 2 million advertising credits and an EXTRA 20% commission added to EACH sale after getting Super star status.
You can earn for FREE. You can choose to get advertising for as low as $10. All members can earn here get up to 65% per sale you refer, 1,000,000's of your ads shown and WIN a SUPERSTAR status before the official launch. Superstar status gives you $25, millions of banner and text ads (you can see member ads below) and you'll get an EXTRA 20% on any sale that you refer. Join Now! You'll get up to $128 a sale with ExtremeCashBlast! Start Today!

Yes INCREASE YOUR SALES AND SIGNUPS RIGHT NOW You can refer others to this site and if they decide to upgrade because they need more advertising, you will make up to $43 in commission each time.
You do not have to be an upgraded member to refer others! How do you get a FREE $27 upgraded membership - for lifetime of the site? Easy! We pay you for clicking ads by giving you a free ]upgrade.
This is your upgrade and it is for the lifetime of the site.
You will be able to email members and post your status comment to your friends once a day! You can also reply to theirs 12 times a day.

Traffic Exchanges.

Be very careful of sites you join, as a newbie I joined hundreds, so imagine the fright when I went to surf and an alert came up, this site has been reported unsafe, do not continue to surf here..

The concept is very new to New Zealand.

I see it as being the way to advertise in the future. Wee goldmine.

What is a traffic exchange and how do you use them.

The member logs into their account to begin with.
They may check the sites they currently have in rotation to see if any hits are available that need to be assigned to their sites.

The member launches the surf bar from the surfing link on the traffic exchange.
The timer for the first site begins counting down from a pre-determined amount of time as the website is viewed.
The timer reaches the end and then a selection of icons need to be clicked upon to receive credit and advance to the next website.
A number of credits (or fraction of them) are given and the surf bar selects another website available in rotation.

When the member is done surfing they can assign any credits they have available to their websites in the members area.

If I'm promoting a TE mainly for commissions, I won't promote for anything less than 50%. So, I'd recommend upgrading at less TEs but being upgraded to a higher level to get the better commissions.

By upgrading you can do less surfing, you receive FREE random referrals, when they surf you earn free credits, plus dollars if they also upgrade.
So I just log in each week and transfer the credits they have earned to my site's.
I have huge down lines at over 40 traffic exchanges.

I take note of what exchanges are doing by adding referral tracking at Hits2U.
I only promote three sites, at these exchanges.
They are working in the background, building my down line, no effort required from me, because I am upgraded.

If you have an existing business, this is a great way to generate customers, world wide.

Pays to upgrade at these sites, if you want to utilize your credits to their full potential and rewards.
I was such a newbie with computers, I was determined to achieve and after six months I have more than achieved my goals with dollars rolling daily.

You too can succeed, just follow my simplified plan. I can guarantee success.
Remember it takes a good six months to get things rolling.


Safe lists are really effective and bring massive measurable traffic to any website.

The beauty is you can set and forget them, just return every 3-4 days, takes 2 minutes, send your email, then go about your favourite hobbies, while dollars are rolling into your bank.

The more safe list you join-the better conversions are going to be.

Simply because you are reaching different groups of people from different area's of the planet with different needs.

Join the safe list sites, make a note of how often you can email their entire mailing list.

Great for promoting and building your down line. I set up a weekly planner.

eg I list Monday - Sunday. I write list jumper email every 4 days, I send email then enter it beside the next day I can send my next email.

Do this with all the safe lists, remember to delete them once you have sent your email and written it beside the day you can do it next.

You can join FREE or watch out for there special one time offer to upgrade, where for a small one off investment, you receive life time advertising.

I always do this then I watch my money grows, as the sites build up memberships.

I only join new safe lists that are bought to my attention by my up line.
As I feel secure in the knowledge these people are honest and trustworthy.
My favourite is list bucks.
I make sure I click every single email I receive daily. Yes I earn daily here.

Housebound. Photo's

H I set up an website for support for individuals recovering from major surgery.

I have just listed some photo's of the Christchurch Earthquake.
Here you can read, have access to support links.
Be entertained for hours.

When my bowel ruptured I had no knowledge, and their was very little information out there, because normally people do not survive from it.
It was a tough road recovering.

This is a nurse from Rotorua, I was so relieved to see her, when she came around the corner, she was an ear to listen. Reassured me that all would be alright.

10 K Team

This is one of the first sites I joined in 2009.

The10K Team is a simple to use system that can help you make a residual income online.
The10KTeam is going to allow you to do several things:
1. Promote Your Main Websites/Programs
2. Build multiple streams of income in addition to your main site.

I designed my own strategy plan.
1. I upgraded at the 10 K team.
2. I upgraded at adds to cash.
3. I received an upgrade at Grade A traffic for six months, then maintained it.

I did this because I already had my own matrix site I promote, plus traffic exchanges and Safe lists I already belong to. That were paying me.

Jason is brilliant, very supportive and answered all my question without hesitation.

He gives you a plan to follow, he sent me to AdsNCash, which I upgraded at for a life time.
I paid $47 when I joined it now costs for the lifetime upgrade.
See what I mean how by getting lifetime upgrades your investment grows.

He allows you to add your own Recommended Program mine is my top 10 sites plus Recommended Long Term Income Program mine is flashadcash.
You also get to add 3 banners which are promoted for a lifetime at Grade A traffic
Bonus #1: Website Submission For [link=http://the10Kteam.com
Bonus #2: Rotator/Tracker
Bonus #3: 6 Months A+++ Membership At GradeATraffic
Bonus #4: 3 Banners With Unlimited Impressions

Viral Traffic Rush

Yes joined on the 9th June 2011 One day promoting so far 2 referrals.
Viral and Paying.

Viral Advertising. Yes $$$ rolling daily. I received signups day one. Yes and cash day two.
This countdown below is for a very limited time offer! You can get a lifetime pro membership for only $10 instead of $30!

No monthly fees, just a one time small payment and you are in for life! Yes just for $10. Quick as offer ends in five days.

The benefits of a pro membership?

Rotate up to 5 banners instead of only one!
Get your banners seen on the pages of, and gain viral traffic from, all 5 levels of your down line instead of only 1!
Free and pro members get 20% commissions from all direct referrals and pro members also get 40% commissions from all 5th level referrals through vTrafficRush's unique upside-down commission structure! That is a 60% payout to pro members!

When the countdown ends, the offer expires and will be gone forever! Take advantage of this offer for a lifetime pro membership and save $20!


Earning High Pay, Earning In The Net, Earning Money Online, Earning More From Articles, Earning While Networking, Internet Success

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author avatar maree
Due to major surgery in 2009, I was forced to shut shop after 20 years. Determined not to feel sorry for myself I decided to swing the situation around to my benefit.

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author avatar nutNbolt
30th May 2011 (#)

A very good page ,i have understood many things

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th May 2011 (#)

Marie, you can have your Wikinut referral link, If you look at my articles you see I nearly always offer it to people so they can sign up and you make even more money if they do.

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author avatar Minakshi
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

nice article!!!

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author avatar jayababy
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

Its very touching one and educative,

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author avatar maree
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks everyone, I saw the scam people are back in Christchurch I went to one of their meetings last year, they wanted $760 to join and they will show you how to earn a living. They were from america, I did not pay, but 100's did then they left NZ.
Had already got people's money then no one could access site.

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author avatar nutNbolt
13th Jun 2011 (#)

Hi maree i have joined through your links many days ago, see my first comment through that i have found some legit sites.Hope you join those to make money.



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author avatar maree
14th Jun 2011 (#)

off to check them out now

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author avatar Dan
16th Jun 2011 (#)

Maree, Is that flash ad income site you're talking about flashadcash? And if so, you actually got payments from them?

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