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This article tries to summarise about how to get rid of smoking addiction and new technology, electronic cigarette benefits and popularity.

‘Electronic Cigarette; a New Invention’

The recently invented electronic cigarette also known as a personal vaporiser or PV, have taken over the markets as a tobacco replacement and in some countries is also used as a normal cigarette. This ideology used behind this invention is that an electronic inhaler will be introduced which would vaporise liquid nicotine into aerosol mist exhilarating the same action as that of a tobacco smoking. The electronic cigarettes popularly known as e-cigs have the same appearance as that of a tobacco cigarette but a totally different mechanism that is it does not contain tobacco.

As these e-cigs contain no tobacco in most countries they are not subjected to age regulation. They can be easily bought online where a wide variety of companies and different flavours and qualities are available. Its users have claimed that e-cigs create a much better feeling than a regular tobacco cigarette did and also it is reusable. It could be smoked anywhere as it does not generate smoke unlike regular cigarettes which promote passive smoking.

Different websites let you know where to buy electronic cigarettes as they are now becoming a major attraction to huge number of audience as they are available in a wide variety of flavours giving a devouring taste. Also many people use it to free themselves from the addiction of a highly destructive tobacco smoking and take their first step towards better health. Many companies and labels are introducing these among which the top ranked are Apollo’s Ego, V2 CIGS, Green Smoke and many more. They have different rates and the minimum rate from the top ten is $59.95 and the maximum is $95.96. E-cigs are battery operated, which is needed to be charged and so the companies offer different battery life affecting the vapour production that is the flavour enrichment. The company which gets to be rated the best by the U.S is Apollo’s Ego as it is responsible for generating the best results from quality, to flavour, to battery life and then to the rates. The longer the e-cigs is considered to last the most interest it gains of its users as it proves that the e-cig has a strong battery and so would produce a strong flavour.

Electronic cigarettes enjoy the status of being Eco friendly, as they do not produce any smoke not promoting air pollution. E-cigs gives its users the liberty to be in control that is control the amount of nicotine they want to inhale and it does not promote excessive addiction. Online websites are where to buy electronic cigarettes as they offer you the best of the best.


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