Electronics: The Origin to Use of the Brand Name

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Brand is a sign in the form of images, names, letters, numbers, color composition or a combination of these elements, having distinguishing features and used in the trading of goods and services.

The Branding Properties

Brand name that is used on goods traded by a person or persons jointly or a legal entity to differentiate with other similar items. The use of brand serves as; identification to distinguish the output generated a person or persons jointly or a legal entity with the production of others.

  • As a promotional tool, so as to promote their products simply by calling its brand.
  • As a guarantee for the quality of the goods.
  • Shows the origin of the goods / services produced.

Frequent visits to the electronics store, then you would often see a variety of world famous brands. Either the name or just display a logo. Yes all the names that they have certainly had a meaning, which would be a symbol of their products.
According to "David A. Aaker", brand name or symbol is discriminatory (in the form of logo, seal / packaging) to identify the goods / services from a seller / group specific seller. Distinctive sign of an enterprise which is used as a marker of identity and the products they produce goods or services to consumers, and to distinguish between the business and the resulting goods or services from another business entity.

"Brand is an industrial property which includes intellectual property".

Conventionally, the brand may be a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of two or more elements.

The Branding of Commercial Products

Here are some meanings or origin of names which they use as a commercial product.
Definitely, Name of the products they choose from which is just an abbreviation to have historical value, let us know closer to the origin of its name:

  • Kodak: George Eastman was the founder of the company in 1888. Eastman seek short name to be used as a brand for reasons more easily pronounced and only refer to the product. Then he said that he liked the letter "K" because it has a strong impression and sharp compared with other letters. After that Eastman would like to have a brand that begins and ends with the letter "K", after playing with the letter finally gets a name "KODAK".

  • Nintendo: Nintendo name when translated into English means "Leave Luck to Heaven". Nintendo's own name actually feels more fitting before they worked in the field of video games, in 1889 has opened a business card Japanese game called Hanafuda card design with images of flowers.

  • Sega: Sega started its business in Hawaii in 1940 as a provider of standard games such as pinball machines to provide entertainment warriors. In 1951, the company was moved to Tokyo, Japan and renamed itself "Service Games" to reflect the company's business in the field of game machines that use coins to meet the needs of American soldiers. In 1965, Service Games merged with Rosen Enterprises and its name was shortened to "SEGA".

  • Nokia: Modern Electronics companies such as Nokia was originally not a cellular company it is today. The company, established in 1865 is a paper mill located in Tampere, Finland. When the owner Fredrik Idestam" opened a second plant in Nokia, Finland, he wants the city name into a brand name. The city name is taken from the name of the river which crosses the city, Nokian virta River.

  • Toshiba: Toshiba established in 1939, is the result of a merger of the two companies. Tokyo Denki is a company engaged in consumer goods and machinery firm Shibaura Seisakusho. Taking some of the letters in front of each company "TO" and "Shiba" that it gives birth to the TOSHIBA brand.

  • Sanyo: Sanyo name means "three oceans" in Japanese; founder of the company wants to sell this iproducts through the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, and the Pacific to reach the whole world.

  • Seiko: Watch maker company which takes its name from the Japanese word meaning "perfect" or "success".

  • Canon: When Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory was first started to be developed in Japan, initially using a 35mm camera lens with a focal plane shutter was equipped, the engineers say that this is the creation of "Kwanon", after the Buddhist goddess Gave instructions. When the camera is ready to be sold worldwide in 1935, the company Decided to slightly change the name to "Canon" so it will be more acceptable to the international market.

  • Sharp: Electronics manufacturers its start in 1912 engaged in the metal to meet store personally Tokuji Hayakawa Including specialist studs buckle. In 1915, Hayakawa increasing demand Become mechanical pencil known as the "Ever-Sharp", and to appreciate his work, Hayakawa started calling the company "Sharp".

  • Motorola: The company founder was Paul Galvin chose the name in the old naming convention laid spelling "ola" at the end of said a Radio names like the Victrola. Since Galvin and companies that make a radio that can be taken anywhere, it combines the word "motor" with "-ola" to get the brand name.

  • Samsung: Samsung first started its business in 1938 when Lee Byung-Chull open "Samsung Store" in Korea. Stores which initially focused on the export of dried fish and fruits, but jumped into the electronics in the 1960s. Samsung is a Korean language which means "three stars" which signaled the luck of the number three.

  • Apple, Inc.: At the time of its establishment, the company of Steve Jobs still do not have a name for approximately 3 months. By the time Steve Jobs eat fruit apple the idea to give the name of the company with the name of Apple.

  • Casio: Casio is a factory inception Sub contractor. Casio name is taken from the name of the founder, Tadao Kashio.

  • Compaq: Derived from the word Computer and interpret Pack small computer integrated, according to the first product they are very compact to Compaq Portable.

Now we Realize that the name has significance for a product, do not like the saying "What's in a name". So to create a business opportunity, the name has a meaning that is very important, especially if the business will grow big.

Patentable Subject

In general, there are three broad categories of patentable subject: processes, machines, and goods produced and used. The process includes algorithms, business methods, most of the software's, medical engineering, sports engineering and the like. The machine includes tools and apparatus.
Goods produced include mechanical devices, electronic devices and chemical composition of such material, drugs, DNA, RNA, and so on. Specifically human embryonic stem cells (human embryonic stem or hES) can not be patented in the European Union.
Mathematical truths, including those that can not be patented. Software that implements the algorithm also can not be patented unless there is a practical application (in the US) or the effect of technical (in Europe).

The Controversial Subject

Currently, the issue of software patents (and also the business method) is still a very controversial subject. The United States there is some cases to the law, allow patents for software and business methods, while in Europe, the software is considered not patentable, although some inventions that use software can still be patented.
Patents may be associated with natural substances (for example, a substance found in the jungle) and also medicines, medical treatment techniques as well as genetic sequences, including a controversial subject. In many countries, there is a difference in dealing with subjects related to this matter. For example, in the United States, surgical methods can be patented, but the patent is contested in practice. Given the appropriate principles of the "Hippocratic Oath", physicians are required to share experiences and expertise freely to colleagues. So that in 1994, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates filed a memorandum of objections to this patent application.

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