Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

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Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"is a novel that mirrors a man who is completely cut off from the human society.

Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

The very title of the novel is enough to indicate the whole book.Emily Bronte has taken the help of psychology in selecting the title of the novel.When we go through the pages of the novel,we feel a psychological insight in its characters.The actions of the characters reveal their psychological motives.
Heathcliff 'from childhood had a delight in dwelling on dark things and entertaining odd fancies.'He has no satisfaction.He is restless.He spends sleepless nights.Peace is gone from him.He is in the centre of commotion,as it is asked of Byron's Lara,'Why slept he not when others were at rest ?'Heathcliff is very conscious of his own frustration and like John Milton's Satan ,he works in a devilish manner.The child Heathcliff,in the beginning of the novel,is ferocious,vindictive and wolfish.He shows a hot temper and a proud nature.He is the ocean of unlimited hatred.His vow of vengeance on the brutal Hindley indicates his psychological problem.
Emily Bronte knew that "the child is father of the man".That is why,she agreed with modern psychologists that the way he was treated conditioned him for good or ill.Heathcliff's unknown parentage may be the cause of his ruthlessness.
"Wuthering Heights" is a psychological study of Heathcliff,whose soul is torn between love and hate.He is a creature whose past is not known.He was a dark,dirty beggar who was picked up on the Liverpool slums by Mr. Earnshaw and brought to the solitary moors.He was aloof from the world and was impelled to work out his destiny there.Only the passions of love and hate guide him.He is embittered by the harsh treatment of Hindley.He is disillusioned by what he considers the treachery of Catherine on whom he had poured love out of his boundless store.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Nov 2011 (#)

A popular book for studies in school too, Wuthering Heights is a classic.

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author avatar M G Singh
31st Dec 2011 (#)

I first read Wuthering heights 20 years back. Its a deep brooding novel. Great of you to have revived memories

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