Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the sequel to the game that is considered as one of the best trucks simulators.

Learn how to play the trucks simulator

In it, you must cross the continent on board the latest and coolest vehicles. More than 60 cities, including some of the major capitals of the world. Learn how to play this fun game:

first step

To play Euro Truck Simulator 2, you must first create a profile - a virtual character that will represent you in the game. Choose your name, gender, photo, truck design preferably, the logo and the name of your company. Then confirm and start playing. It is possible to create multiple profiles and start in different cities.

Cracking the Menu
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Menu joint common actions such as play, save, load, exit, and various features of the game. It was designed to resemble the desktop of a computer with icons and widgets representing professional applications that need to run your organization. All you want to do in the game, is managing your business or adjust game settings, can be reached from here.

1 - Enter the world
This option allows the player from the road with your truck. However, it is noteworthy that one must have a vehicle or an employment contract.
2 - Get a job

Here you can find all the jobs available in the area you've already explored. There are two types available: Quick and De Companies. The work taken as fast do not pay much, but your employer it comes from everything. You start with a borrowed truck, already loaded, ready to hit the road. Once you get your own vehicle, the jobs will open. They offer better pay, but will require greater responsibility. You will pay for fuel and repairs, in addition to having to drive to the company's warehouse to pick up the load.
3 - Save the game

This action is not the most crucial game. It exists only for convenience. The game automatically saves by default, thus, do not need you to do it manually.
4 - Adjust settings

Allows you to adjust audio and graphics, preferences for the game and customization of commands.
5 - Switch to another profile

You can switch to any other profile through personal widget. Thus, many people can play on the same computer without breaking the progress of others.
6 - Quit the game

Exit Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Getting Started

In the game, you can choose which European city would like to start. At first, as already mentioned before, you need to drive the truck in any company before yours. In the vehicle the truck, you can also chase licenses to unlock new loads such as flammable products. Because require more care, end up costing more as well.
Keep in mind that supervision in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is much more harsh than before. Avoid sticking sign or take any kind of penalty. May end his injury with them is greater than the value gained from transport.
In addition to the fines for negligence in traffic collisions cost too expensive. It's not cheap to have to call the help desk to his truck, having to pay for the repairs and also eventually lose the delivery of the goods.

Having your own machine

If successful in their first missions with the company truck, you will have the chance to borrow a money in the bank and cast off your vehicle. Its evolution in the game ends up being faster, may contract without intermediary services.
The work end up being more profitable, increasing also the responsibility, since spending on fuel, maintenance and possible repairs will have to go out of your pocket. But with more money coming in, you can have your own freight company, to buy new trucks and hire staff.


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