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The South Beach Diet was introduced by cardiologist Arthur Agaston. This dietary regimen is based on the concept of restricting carbohydrate intake. In addition, this dietary regimen also bans all unhealthy fats while promoting the intake of healthy fats. Even if this dietary regimen is into carbohydrate restriction, this does not require any calorie counting.

The South Beach Diet – Is This Diet Good For You?

A lot of people have always been searching for the revolutionary diet that actually works. While there are already a lot of dietary regimens that have been introduced, not all these diets can deliver positive results. Some diets, however, have captured the attention of weight watchers. The South Beach Diet is one of these dietary regimens.
What Is The Theory Behind the South Beach Diet?
This dietary regimen is based on the concept of the good and the bad elements. There are good and bad carbohydrates while there are also good and bad fats. Basically, the key concept of weight loss of this regimen would be to choose the best of each element.
The South Beach diet uses this theory and encourages dieters to eat fish, vegetables, eggs, lean protein, whole grains, nuts, and low fat dairy. Additionally, this diet also involves low carbohydrate intake and high intake of protein and healthy fats.
While this dietary regimen restricts carbohydrate intake, this does not suggest the elimination of all carbohydrates. The only carbohydrates that are allowed are those with low glycemic index. Glycemic index is also known as GI. This is a ranking on the effect of carbohydrates on the blood glucose levels. Low GI carbohydrates will keep the blood sugar levels and the metabolism stable. Aside from low GI carbohydrates, this dietary regimen also encourages the healthy monosaturated fats and discourages unhealthy saturated and trans fats.
Three Distinct Phases of the South Beach Diet
There are three distinct phases of the South Beach Diet. The main goal of this dietary regimen would be to replace the bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates and the bad fats with the good fats. Additionally, the dieter does not need to count calories. Moreover, this dietary regimen recommends three meals, two snacks, and a high protein dessert in a day.
Phase 1. The first phase is considered as the most restrictive as well as the shortest phase. This can last only about 2 weeks. The goal of this phase would be to stabilize the blood sugar levels as well as eliminate all the unnecessary cravings.
Phase 2. For the second phase, the dieter is required to gradually reintroduce other types of nutritious foods. For this phase, the goal would be to have a steady weight loss. The weight of the dieter should continue to drop healthily and steadily.
Phase 3. For the last phase, the main goal would be to maintain the weight loss forever. During this phase, the dieter should now be able to make good food choices. In addition, the dieter will also be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight for the rest of his or her life.

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This method is not difficult as there is no need to cut down food intake drastically. Thanks for the share, Ghus - siva

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