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Everything Wrong With The Expendables movie, read review to learn more about this movie directed by staloon.

The expendables action and thriller

It is new movie directed by Rambo or Stalooni, it is action and thriller movie, so if you are fan then read before you see the film

They are bunch of mercenaries who are hired to kill the dictator, but just like the movies now they find that there is something cheesy about this, and things are not as it seems to.
That affects their brotherhood and the story starts, Barney is a man who is fearless and have no heart. That is why he is the leader, the group are Jet Li, Terry, Randy, David Zayas, there are really good people in this movie and there are many fans for each one and that will make the movie good if the story is good.

On reconnaissance mission with a local fighter, they learn who their enemy is, but things go bad and the team forced to leave their local fighter to her death and that makes the things really bad for this group. But they also leave a group of hostage behind them and go back. Later they try to go back to rescue the team.
Not sure if its great story but it seems just like action movie, the trailer is on youtube.

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