Expertscolumn vs. Triond

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An insightful comparison between two article publishing shared revenue websites.

Expertscolumn vs. Triond

What they say is true. ExpertsColumn is better than Triond. I’m not saying that I don’t like Triond or they I intend to stop using it. But, if you use Triond and you don’t use ExpertsColumn you are really missing out on a lot of potential earnings. I’ve had an account with ExpertsColumn for about a week now. I’ve written 5-6 articles, had a little over 100 page views and I’ve earned about ten cents. Now… I’ve had an account with Triond for nearly three months. I’ve written about 20 articles, I have almost 1,000 views and I’ve earned sixty cents. You do the math. Triond just doesn’t pay as well as ExpertsColumn does. Triond also only pays you once a month on schedule IF you meet the 0.50 minimum. ExpertsColumn pays their users every five days throughout the entire month.

I’d also like to compare the communities between these two websites. Personally, I prefer the community on ExpertsColumn. There people are friendly and social. When you view their article and leave a comment on them – the people of ExpertsColumn almost always return the favor. I cannot really say the same for the people of Triond. In fact, I’ve barely gotten any comments at all on Triond and I give them out like candy. People also don’t always response to friend requests or messages on Triond. I’ve never had that issue with ExpertsColumn.

I will say that ExpertsColumn is a little stricter with their writing guidelines, which is not a bad thing. Your articles have to be at least 300+ words and there are a lot of taboo topics that you cannot write about. Personally, I’m still a newbie – so I am still learning about some of these topics. I’d do wish they had a clearer list of what you can and cannot discuss somewhere though. But, overall – the stricter policies are worth it for all the things that ExpertsColumn offers that Triond does not.

Another small thing I do not really care for is Triond posting your articles randomly on other websites. I really like that ExpertsColumn posts all the articles within their own site.


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