Facebook or Spy book? What is the reality of Facebook? Interesting facts !

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Facebook and some conspiracy-theories regarding "Facebook was started by CIA"!

It is just a theory or fact?

Face Book- a so-called social network, was started “accidently” by a college student and his colleagues to interact with each other by the means of a website that provides current updates of a personal life. This was merely an “accidental” invention or there was some other motive behind it? Was it really started by the college students on their own or there was a funding organisation which supported them and then the world went “Face Book Maniac”?

A lot has been written, a lot would be written but the fact is, no website like Face Book would get such popularity without some hidden force behind it. We find hundreds of other websites which are qualitative and equally competitive but always felt thirst to be lime-lighted. Why would some “racists” like ex-CEO of Paypal, Peter Theil would invest on a newly-born, publically not famous Face Book with a huge amount of $US500,000.
Today, all the major known websites e.g. Google, Youtube and Face Book are integrated. They ask you for your personal details which once MSN/Hotmail would warn you NOT to give out.

We have seen on TV, the Face Book agents in the Middle East were too busy to motivate people to come out on the street and bring a ” REVOLUTION” to get rid of the regime which supposedly chained them and took every liberty away from them. The common man does not know the consequences and falls for the “Green”! We surely have seen bloodshed,innocent people being killed and thousands injured due to the so-called “Face Book Revolution”. The media (especially,the zionists/illuminate media) grabbed this oppertunity and started to praise Face Book for a more revolutionary site than the social-networking where people would make friends not the enemies.

I remember just a few days ago, when Osama bin Laden’s picture in which he was shown dead,was circling on Face Book, someone made a similar picture of Barak Obama and posted it on Face Book and it circulated all over the Face Book within one hour. The Face Book sent a “warning” message to people not to publish Obama’s picture. This gave people something to think about. Apart from that, you would find thousands of pages insulting ISLAM, ALLAAH and Mohammad(PBUH) but no action is taken despite the pages are reported as abusive and spreading hatred.But, as soon as something comes against the West or some known personality, Face Book gets active. The same story is with Youtube as well.

Why they need our personal information?
This is not a theory anymore. This is a fact that Face Book is directly controlled and edited by either CIA or any other investigative agency which is keen to gather the database of EVERY individual of the world. Why would you have to give your telephone numbers in order to retreive your lost information on Google,Face Book or Youtube? Why do you have to tell your EXACT location and residence? People come to these sites for some fun,for some chat,for some updates. What personal information has to do with all this? BEWARE, DO NOT DO THIS. I have seen a documentary here in Denmark on TV. It was about a Danish woman who once visited USA and then, she was put in the list of ” terrorists”. She visited back and forth to USA to get justice. She got succeeded but it took her about 6 months. The crime she never committed, made her mentally sick. She suffers from depression.
I think if we compile a list of “axis of evil”, then Face Book lists no.1 alongwith Google and Youtube. And of course, CIA and FBI is not hidden for its gross attrocities all over the world in shape of ” Black Water” force.


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author avatar saurik
28th Jun 2011 (#)

"no website like Face Book would get such popularity without some hidden force behind it"
That's very true. Such websites are used to spy on people.

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author avatar Asghar Khan
28th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you very much, saurik, for liking this article. I had been a Face Book maniac myself but, as soon as I came across when I wanted to retrieve my password on Google and FB, they asked for the Mobile/Telephone numbers. It was shocking for me, so I got rid of them and did some investigation for this and came to this conclusion which I have stated above. Thank you !

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