Facebook - the ultimate in invasiveness.

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In this age of protecting ones data and information, why is it that so many millions are prepared to give away information on Facebook that they are so careful in protecting everywhere else?


The first decade of the 21st century was tumultuous. War in the middle east, post-millenium security and economical boom in the western and eastern world. There was also the elevation of social networking websites such as Myspace, Bebo, Twitter and of course Facebook.

Facebook has attracted hundreds of millions of followers, all clamouring for the latest information about their friends and friends of friends. Why is it though that people are wholly unconcerned with security issues that inevitably fall around giving away such candid information?

The house party.

In its basic form, Facebook is an excellent way to keep up with family and friends, even if they are thousands of miles away. In a way it is the people that are closest in proximity to us that cause the most concern.

When Facebook first began there was an obvious problem, security. There were countless occasions where hapless teenagers posted events promoting house parties as their parents where away, cue havoc!

So what happens when you announce to seemingly the whole world that you are having a party and any kind of responsible adult is nowhere to be found? Join in! Reports of hundreds and in some case thousands of teenagers descending on a polite suburban street to take advantage of a free house. The cost? Thousands of pounds; smashed windows, broken china, burnt sofas and so on so forth.

Facebook has worked through the kinks and helped to ensure that this is no longer a problem with increased security features. Though I am sure that there are still some very nervous parents who break out in a cold sweat at the thought of leaving their teenage child at home with Facebook logged on 24 hours a day!

The information

So what information is available to the discerning crook on Facebook. It is all down to the individual and how much they would like to dispose of. On basic level there is the full name and telephone numbers. Then as you use Facebook more, there are opportunities to add credit/debit card details. Fantastic! All you need now are some pictures, full address and a list of interests. Hey Presto!

It is, as I have said, entirely down to the single user how much information that they put on Facebook. Now you can also let everyone know where you are at any given time. This is useful if you're out and about in a city but its also a bit worrying as to who else can see this information.


I in no way criticising Facebook. I myself have been a user for many years and use it to a point to which I am comfortable with. All I am urging is that people use some well placed vigilance. You wouldn't walk down a dark alley way in the bad side of town without taking precautions first.

Do the same when online. In a split second you can give away enough information for someone to make a virtual clone of you. All you need to do is think. Would I give that information away freely? If yes then go for it, if you need to think for a second then it is definitely time to step back!


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