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Asian dramas or soaps has ejoying a phenomenon success. It boosts high rating show and the show is waited by many. While selling the idea of "the triumph of good against evil", soaps carries a more sublimial message.

It's Show Watched by Many

Watched by many audience, mostly those with Asian background, Asian dramas become the bread and butter of most Asian Channel. It offers variety from soaps from US, despite the absence of major differences of those two. As seems to be just reclycled products of previous soaps, cliche is far from being boring. Instead, cliche is somehow expected. These are a few cliche is Asian soaps that audience never gets enough of watching it.

The Evil Girls/Women Wear too much Make up

I can't imagine Asian soaps without these evil womem/girls. Despite their bad reputation, they are the real star of the show. Without them, audience start changing the channel. Usually they are illustrated as ambitious, determined, cunning, and unrealistically evil women/girls. Since these women usually possess unwomanly traits, they become the hallmark of the mysogynist culture and anti women campaign.

The Beautiful and Innocent but Helpless Girls

In the opposite is the beautiful and innocent but helpless girls. They are meek, frail, and unable stand up for their own. These girls' attitude is "Everything will be, will be." and "Just going with the flow." In contrast to the "evil girls/women" who dare to dream and take action, these helpless characters hardly have any dream. If they have, which usually not far from getting married and starting a family, they just wait until someone comes to make the dream real. Again, this is the potrayal of patrichal society, which women are not valued as indivual beings who have hopes, dreams, and take actions.

The Handsome Man that Never Gets It

These men are men of power. They given roles of characters in high position and possessing enourmous wealth. Yet, they are indecisive and weak against evil girls/women. These men are potrayed as helpless victims to women, regardless their social status and intelligent level in the soaps. These male characters hardly understand anything and take in charge on any situation. They let themselves to be driven and fallen victims to those evil girls/women.

The Silly Servants/Homosexuals Characters

These servants are usually the poor who works for the rich. They arepotrayed as ridiculiously loyal to the male characters and kind to the helpless girls. They ridicule themselves without moderation or realizing so. Their potrayal is inhumanely stupid.
Recently, homosexuals characters start making appearance in these soaps, but not for the better role. They are usually friends of the helpless girls or servants. They barely own enourmous fortune. Their personality is designed to entertain, harldly to inspire.

The Unusual Wealth

When it's nice to see beautiful homes somewhere else in the planet, these soaps has abused the pleasure. They has loaded each soap with character with enourmous but ridiculous wealth. They dazzle the audience with massive mansion, yatch, elegant parties, and designer clothes and jewelry. These material wealth is usually in the possession of either the male or the evil girls/women. The ending usually draws as the evil girls/women being kicked out out of their mansion and replaced by the helpless girls. The ending is somewhat raising questions on who the real owner of the wealth when women are viewed as beneficiary that can be removed as the men pleased.

In short

It is the unusual wealth, depriving servants and homosexuals, helpless girls, victimized men, and girls/women without "womanly" traits that what audience always want to see. Without these elements, soaps won;t be able to earn good rating. The point is, when these type of shows claim to be example of the triumph of good against evil, there are so many elements are basically sexist and homophopic. Which in turn, raise a question: "What type of audience who enjoy this show?"


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