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My review of the ea sports title fifa 2012, i will look into gameplay, graphics and online game modes!

What is fifa?

Fifa is a football game based on real life players and teams. Their performances in reality have an impact on the players and teams overall rating within the game. This game is made my EA Sports and is for XBOX360, PlayStation 3 & PC.


I play Fifa 12 on the Xbox360 using a HDTV and a HDMI cable i receive an amazing set of pictures. All players look life like and it is quite easy to pick out players by their facial features rather than their shirt name/number. The pitch and fans look amazing and some of the biggest stadiums in the world for example the Nou camp and Old trafford look exact to how they do in reality. This has an amazing impact on the game and improves the experience overall.

9/10 for graphics

Game modes

Fifa gives you a range of activity's to do whether you have the ability to go online. For example you can play head to head in a rank match against players around your skill and team level in a season mode or Cup match. You can also play against friends or as part of a team with 21 other players.

On the other-hand in the offline modes you have the ability to do tournament modes or a season mode in which you are the manager and can mold a team to your liking. Choosing the team each week and purchasing players as you wish.

Finally you have the plain and simple kick off mode which is a simple head to head game.

Game modes 9/10

Updates & Online connectivity

This can vary from player to player, but my experiences on Fifa 12 have been quite varied online. Sometimes i end up playing with a player who has a terrible connection resulting in a loss of connectivity overall. Sometimes i fail to connect to the EA server meaning i have no online features to play with leaving me with the simple offline game modes. Majority of the time its good and you can really enjoy it but it has its moments which are freakishly stressful.

The EA title regularly has updates which may patch little problems or bugs from time to time. Which really improves your game-play experience. You also get online squad updates from the January transfer window which took around a month to be updated but did eventually become obtained.

Updates & Connectivity 7/10


The game is simple to play and is easily one of the most enjoyable for any sport or football fan. Online you get to meet some great players which is far more enjoyable than playing the computer itself at times. Fifa 12 allows you to create your own player and mold him into the player you want him to be, any position you like and leaves you to complete challenges you make him a better player. On the downside the games tackling has really took a turn for the worst and is more challenging than previous titles. This could be seen as a positive as it de-fragments the skillful players from the 'noobs'.

It is highly recommended for any football fanatic, but if you lack interest in the sport it can be very repetitive.

Overall 8/10


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