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The review of the new Fight Night Champion video game, the newest installment of the Fight Night series.

Fight Night 4.25

The Fight Night series has seemingly gone from strength to strength since the original evolved from the Knockout Kings series in 2004. Fight Night Champion looked to take the series in a different, more cinematic direction which ended with mixed results. Almost every Fight Night game has looked to out-do it's predecessor by improving graphics, game play and rosters. Unfortunately for fans of the franchise Fight Night Champion doesn't quite do enough to warrant it's $60 price tag.

In essence Fight Night Champion could be called Fight Night 4.25. The fifty plus roster of licensed fighters consists mostly of fighters we've seen in previous iterations of the franchise such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Robinson to name a few. The new additions to the roster are far to few with names like David Haye, Jesse James Leija and Fernando Vargas sprinkled over the existing roster like a fine dust. So if you were expecting the superstars of today's modern boxing such as Sergio Martinez, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Paul Williams or Amir Khan, you might want to avoid this game at all costs.

Game play wise, the game is slightly tweaked but in essence is just more of the same. So while the control system has been changed to allow quicker and more fluid punches, when you dig a little deeper not much has changed at all. Counter windows are still extremely annoying, super clean punches that should have knocked the stiffest jawed fighter out cold still have zero impact while semi blocked, off balanced hooks can drop the greatest fighter to the canvas.

Finally moving on to the biggest addition to Fight Night Champion and arguably it's biggest selling point, the champion mode puts players in the shoes of Andre Bishop, a amateur prospect working his way up through the middleweight rankings. Then like every cliche used in almost every movie ever made about boxing, Andre ends up getting on the wrong side of a sneaky promoter and ends up fighting to stay alive in prison. For the most part the story is unoriginal and lacks any real investment. You won't care about any of the characters you come into contact with because meetings are so utterly brief that there is no personality to discover. All in all Champion mode takes around two to three hours (depending on your difficulty) which in reality is somewhat of a good thing because the champion mode was so utterly linear that spending any more time on it than needed would have been nothing less than torture.

Overall Fight Night Champion's efforts to be somewhat different were nice but absolutely failed to execute. Game play mechanics far too similar to Fight Night 4. The official roster was again made up mostly of fighters we've seen in previous iterations of the game. Champion mode was a brief encounter with something that could have really been special and finally the long running legacy mode is still a one dimensional mess that does little to inspire anyone to invest large amounts of time in it.


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author avatar vpaulose
28th Apr 2011 (#)

An interesting game!

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2nd Sep 2011 (#)

selling point amateur stint is well thiought out

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