Final Fantasy X-2 "Perfect Game" Guide by Nemis1s

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A review of the "Perfect Game Guide" for Final Fantasy X-2 by Nemis1s.

The Game

Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel to the popular FInal Fantasy X, was released on Playstation 2 in 2003 by Square Enix. It was released earlier this year as the "HD Remastered" version on Playstation 3, rekindling interest for those who played it in the early 2000s, and giving us all another chance at getting 100% in the storyline.
Without a guide, getting 100% is extremely difficult. With countless side-quests, having to go to certain places and do certain things only at specific points in the game and having to mash buttons or press nothing during certain cutscenes, it's only by trying over and over again or being extremely lucky that you could achieve a 'perfect game' alone.


As well as paper copies you can buy, fans and completists who have finished the game have written guides of their own which you can find online with a quick Google search. I used "Final Fantasy X-2 Perfect Game Guide / Alternate 100% Guide (v2.02)" by "nemis1s" aka "hpsolo". It's unclear whether nemis1s is male or female, so we'll refer to them as 'she' for now.


Nemis1s explains in the contents section what using the guide will get you, such as "100% story completion in one game", "all 10 crimson spheres" (which for me was extremely important), and "all blue bullet abilities". This way, I knew exactly what I was getting from the guide, without any unpleasant surprises later on.
One great thing about Nemis1s is that she provided percentage checks or checkpoints; she asks you to save your game after specific points, and check how much percentage you have collected so far. You can find this out either by talking to Buddy on the airship, or looking at your save file. This way, it was easy to make sure you'd done everything right. She also suggested creating a "scratch save file", or a backup, in case you made a mistake. This was a great way of making sure I was up to date on my save file, and didn't miss something minor early, and only finding out when it was too late.
In FFX-2, there are five chapters, and only in certain chapters can certain storylines or side-missions happen. Therefore, at the end of each chapter, Nemis1s also asks that you double-check everything that picks up percentage points, such as watching spheres you've collected. This was great too, as a last-minute reminder, before you carried the story to the next chapter and forgetting a minor detail.
Lastly, Nemis1s directs you to another guide for the Public Relations and Marriage side mission, which also came in useful.


The guide wasn't perfect, however. Nemis1s didn't provide any clues as to where the treasure chests are in the game, and some hold unique items, such as the Menace of the Deep garment grid in Luca. The guide doesn't mention the Creature Creator either, but as the guide was made in 2003, and the Creature Creator bonus game is only part of the HD Remaster, this of course is irrelevant.
Another thing about the guide is that the writer doesn't give any suggestions on what are the best garment grids or dresspheres to use throughout the game. This can be seen as a good thing as it gives you full freedom to use your favourites, but can be a bad thing if you've trained the wrong dressphere and then come across a difficult boss. However, there are other guides for that.


All in all, it's a very good guide, which achieves the desired completion of 100%, and the 'Perfect Ending'. Everything else, items and such, is really just a bonus, and with the "New Game Plus" feature, it's possible to pick up anything you missed when you play the second time round.


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