First Look at Ubisoft' CSI : Hidden Crimes (Android)

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What is the aversion towards porting a straight up adapt of Facebook games... I love the CSI games on Facebook... but this... first look at Hidden Crimes for the Android.

A Resist This Android Review

This is why we can't have good things! Thanks alot Facebook!

Everytime I think we will get something good ported from Facebook to mobile I am often disappointed. Mind you a few gems exists (Zynga' Castleville and Farmville 2) but for the most part I have been disappointed... add this to my list of most likely disappointments.

Mind you the Facebook incarnations of CSI is no great feat of innovation, a grid searching mining game slash waiting game... what? Waiting Game... Ok sidebar we need to discuss the elephant in the room.

As these games stand on their own if you were just left with the gameplay you could conceivably plow through the game quickly on its minimal content. Be it grid searching in the Facebook version, or hidden object gaming here. In order to artificially pad out the game and add hours to gameplay the game callouts you a "allowance" of energy. Every action you take burns energy. When you run out and don't have the means to refresh energy (CSI uses coffee for that) you have two options. Wait for the energy to recharge or pay with real money to move on... thing is you can't marathon levels this way, especially since the game demands you pay attention to your evidence as you must correctly pick out the guilty party at the end of the case from your gathered evidence and, well, if you have to wait for energy to build odds are you might forget vital evidence waiting (definitely don't sleep on it unless you have photographic memory).

So yes similar to the Facebook game this is a waiting game... not good considering the specifics that you need to remember all the evidence you find in order to finish the case and arrest the guilty party.

Otherwise my problem with the game presently is its a Hidden Object game with some interesting lab elements worked in... well one presently in a fingerprint finding mini game but I am hoping more mini games of this caliber pop up as I review it... it's the only saving grace next to the rather easy going hidden object sections.

Presently these are my questions
- Does the game keep track of my clues so I don't need to keep notes or is this to compel you to spend real money on the game.
- This whole Friends thing and Golden Words (used during hidden object levels) how does that work precisely?
- Can you gift coffee to friends like you can in the Facebook version?
- Will any of the lab equipment do analysis in real time making sure you have to keep notes, also can you upgrade equipment so they work faster?

By the way yes this game is in the Ted Dansen era of CSI if your wondering. So anyway full review coming soon, stay tuned.

Present Tease
Uh... Presently tethering on an even 3. It won't go lower but needs to blow me away if it wants higher.

Your turn! CSI : Hidden Crimes and CSI gaming

Ok your turn. Are you playing Hidden Crimes? The Facebook games? PC? What. Tell us what you think about CSI gaming, no flaming unless it's aimed at Ubisoft, and thank you.


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author avatar darkeraven
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

I barely wrote this first look and already I got flaws for you.

Cases are broken up into locations to investigate, and lab work. Each location is five blank stars you can only fill by doing the Hidden Object game... which eats up 1/8th to 1/5th of your full energy to do... 1 point of energy takes 270 seconds in real time to add, meaning you spend 360 minutes or 6 hours to recharge!

This wouldn't be so bad EXCEPT every lab research requires 1 star, which you can only earn in the case your on (you cannot back track to previous cases to earn stars, they can only be earned in cases your on.)

You can buy items to refill your energy... but that is crazy expensive using premium currency paid for with real cash.

Did I say this couldn't fall under a 3 out of 5? I might be wrong... Stay tuned.

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