Fish City Grill in Rogers, Arkansas

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Great service, quiet atmosphere, and a WHOLE LOT OF SEAFOOD available at Fish City Grill.

Where should we go eat?

On the rare happy occasion that my friends who have moved out of my hometown return and we can get together, the inevitable question is: "where do we want to eat?"
This time, my husband convinced me to try Fish City Grill in Rogers, Arkansas. Since my culinary taste normally doesn't go beyond Long John Silvers, I will admit to being a little nervous. He had been before, and really enjoyed the experience. So I agreed to give it a try.

What to expect at Fish City Grill

My ten year old and I both had fried shrimp dinners with waffle fries. I chose the combo option, and doubled my number of shrimp to 12 from 6. We opted to skip the cole slaw and got extra hush puppies instead. Rice was also an option. My out-of-town-friend had the salmon salad, which she said she had been craving. I don't know if that means she loves salmon salad or if she specifically loves the salmon salad of FCG, but she did not appear disappointed in her selection. My husband, who I will not allow to cook fish at home (I don't care for the lingering smell of fish in my house), went all out and ordered a giant crab plate, which arrived with sausages and vegetables in a red container that rivaled the size of a medium or large pan of pizza most places. He ordered peel-and-eat shrimp for our table as an appetizer.

Did we like it?

In a word, yes. Four of us (with my son and I being very picky eaters) left the table stuffed. The size of the meal was certainly enough to keep our small partying talking, nibbling, and chatting. My son got adventurous enough to try some of his Dad's crab legs -- he ended up taking a whole section. I stole an ear of corn from my husband's platter, and though the cayenne pepper kept me from truly enjoying it, most people would be in heaven with such fare. I've already mentioned that my friend liked her salmon salad, but can add that the hush puppies didn't last and the peel-and-eat shrimp went very quickly to delighted diners.

A note of caution:

Everything we ordered had heavy levels of Cayenne pepper and various other cajun or cajun-inspired spices -- including the waffle fries, which my son and I did not finish. If you are like me and don't tolerate spices well, this will be a turn-off for you. If the menu had listed the waffle-fries as "spiced," I might have been able to request plain ones (like ordering fries without salt at a fast food place). I had enough food that I didn't bother, but feel that FCG would have done their best to accommodate had I asked.

Do they have Dr. Pepper?

Go ahead and laugh (unless you're a serious addict like me), but yes -- FCG DOES serve Dr. Pepper at their Rogers location. The fountain mix was good, and I was given a free refill without having to request it. A lot of restaurants water down their mix with too much ice or cut the syrup too sweet (it can happen to the best of us), but the ice cubes were well formed hollow cubes that chilled the beverage without watering it down, and my refill was a fresh glass including straw. Two things I needed after my brush with the Cayenne.

Overall Review

My husband: passionately in favor of returning. Every night if he thought he could afford it.
My friend: loved the experience. Had been before and will return.
My son: "Please, Mom, can I have some more?" -- despite being totally stuffed!!
Me: With the caveats that I am such a picky eater, this will not replace my favorite restaurant, and I don't like spicy food, I found the atmosphere enjoyable and would return with a group of friends without having to eat beforehand.

Speaking of affordability:
My son and I had dinner for $10 and $12, respectively, and our extra hush puppies were $3. My friend's salmon salad was $15. My husband's monster plate was $25 - based on market pricing -- and he says it was well worth every penny.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Jun 2013 (#)

wow wot a meal!..thanks for being so detailed every step of the way...

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
4th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks! I should have thought to take more pictures of everything. I was teasing my friend that I would write the review -- mostly joking-- but when I got home, I was like "well, why not?" ;)

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author avatar Mariah
14th Jun 2013 (#)

A fishy tale indeed ..sounds just

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
14th Jun 2013 (#)

Thank you Mariah

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