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Get yourself glued to the world's biggest pronunciation database.


Over 1,000,000 words, 1,100,000 pronunciations and in 279 languages, is an edifying and educative experience every wannabe orator would love to explore.

Forvo is a community-driven site where users pronounce words in various languages or request audio from other users.There are defined categories like sports, science , medicine just to make things more lucid.

A user can add can share numerous pronunciations in any language he or she is equipped with.

One can also rate and discuss other user's pronunciation just to be more precise.This whole interactive trait of the site make it more catchy.

Its free to register and you can keep an eye on your contribution from day one.There are currently 153,006 users on

There is one more feature of becoming an editor on the website.Users who use this site more frequently and gain a handful of knowledge on how the whole thing works can apply for the editor.

You will be provided with a huge textbox to introduce as many words as you like.You can delete pronunciations if they are not exact, native, or sounds horrible.

So its a good to go for kind of a site.Get ready to twist your tongue a bit.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Oct 2011 (#)


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author avatar Buzz
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Great share, Ashutosh.:)

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author avatar Maria Malone
25th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks for this informative article!

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author avatar Pashmak Sweet
6th Jan 2012 (#)

The problem with Forvo is that they do not have a consistent standard about the entries. They deleted some of my entries as they considered them "phrase" or "sentence" while I have seen many sentences much longer than my entries.

I raised the issue with their management team. The excuse they gave me was that they delete the ones they find, but they did not delete the ones that I brought to their attention. An inconsistent policy about entries results in a double standard in the way they review, modify or delete users' entries. As the database gets more entries, it also becomes more inconsistent with less integrity in the data. A contaminated database cannot really be trusted!

If you want to have the pronunciation of all the words in a sentence, you would have to enter them one by one. Then each may be pronounced by different people and a user would have to go through all one by one to hear them all. Often words are pronounced differently when used in a phrase or sentence than when they are alone and isolated from other words. I think it is more important to know how words are pronounced in a sentence as in real situations they are usually used in combination with and accompanied by other words.

I am not saying that users should enter a whole text, but small sentences of about 10 words should be permitted, otherwise it defies the purpose of having correct pronunciations if only single words are permitted as the pronunciation could be different than when the word is accompanied by other words.

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author avatar Rose*
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting - had not heard of online language learning resources before.

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