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What can I say about the almost magical story telling skills of the Grand Master of Science Fiction!

Another Masterpiece...

What can I say about the almost magical story telling skills of the Grand Master of Science Fiction!

Forward, The Foundation, is another master piece from one the greatest science fiction authors of all times!

True, there have been many other great sci-fi masters like H.G.Wells and Arthur C. Clarke. However, it is Asimov who is known for creating the greatest science fiction epic of all time - the Foundation Series! Perhaps, he is rivaled by only one another Master - Frank Herbert of Dune fame! It is a pity that we are deprived of both of them. They are no more with us. And we truly miss the extensions to the Foundation and Dune Series!

All the time that we had read the Foundation Novels, the legend that is Hari Seldon was always depicted as an elderly, God-fatherly figure, whose science of psychohistory knew no bounds! A modern Merlin completely free from emotions - Spock, the Vulcan! Nothing much was known about him in the earlier Foundation novels. But this book is almost an auto-biography of that legend and his extra-ordinary life, prior to his transformation to a legend. It picturises him in a completely different way than we had imagined him to be previously! He is shown as a normal human being who faces all the pit-falls in life just as any other human being! He is not exempt or alien to depression, emotion, & bureaucratic hurdles!

The reader is shocked to know that at one point of time, the science of psychohistory, that is taken for granted, may never have come into existence at all! Even more intriguing - who was the real visionary of the science of psychohistory - Hari Seldon or Eto Demerzel (Alias, Daniel the android?)? Of course, the reader knows that the equations of psychohistory were cracked by Hari Seldon, but whose brain-child was the science of psychohistory?

Asimov weaves his web of story-telling skills, and the reader is shown how all the foundation novels slowly mesh together including the non-foundation novels of Earth, dealing with characters like Daniel, the Android!

Some questions are however kept alive in the reader’s mind! Are Eto Demerzel & Dors Venabili androids? The reader is left to imagine...

Worth reading any time, esp. for sci-fi buffs! The plot is a bit slow. But, under the circumstances, it has to be that way!


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23rd Aug 2011 (#)

Yes, you've hit upon some of the same thoughts I had after reading this book, especially the "humanization" of Hari Seldon.

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