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One of the scariest movies I saw was the movie Freddy Vs. Jason which was inspired by the two horrifying icons around the world who are Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees.
Reading this synopsis might make consider watching it for yourself...if you're up for it.

The Movie

After watching the Nightmare On Elm Street, my cousin and I bought another horror film Freddy Vs. Jason that starred two famous horror icons: Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees.

This movie completely overwhelmed me! At one point, I actually did feel like closing my eyes but I thought I might miss the good parts.
I mean, that's what horror movies are about, right?


(For those of you who are unfamiliar with Freddie, he kills people in their dreams which results in their actual death.)

Parents have figured out a way to suppress the fear of Freddie and keep their kids from knowing about him, thus rendering Freddy weak making him unable to harm anyone. To fix this, Freddy ressurects Jason in his dream disguising himself as his (Jason) mother.

He orders Jason to kill people on Elm Street. That way, people will think that the killings is Freddy's doings. So people will once again develop a fear for him and Freddy would be strong again.
Jason succeeds in creating panic on Elm Street but Freddy overlooked one thing: Jason wouldn't stop killing.
As a result, people figured out that Jason was behind these killings and Freddy wasn't.
They realized they weren't safe at all.
If they sleep, Freddy kills them. If they stay awake, Jason kills them.

By the time Jason had done his part, Freddy had become strong.
Looking at Jason as a traitor, he tricks Jason into sleeping which results in him and Freddy Freddy's world. And in that world, Freddy has complete control over anything. To make it worse, he is immortal.
But killing Jason wasn't easy as Jason was an undead man himself.

However, he accidently figures out Jason's one weakness: water.
You see, Jason had a bad past where due to his deformed face, kids made fun of him and once at Camp Crystal Lake, they made him drown. Since water was the cause, it became a dark phase inside Jason's mind.

Freddy taunts Jason and moves in to slash at his face but Jason wakes up just in time, safe from Freddy.

A bunch of teenagers had been caught up in all this and during the whole movie, a few of them were killed by either Freddy in dreams or Jason in reality.

They hatch up a plan to bring Freddy into the real world where he would have no control and would be like any mortal.
The plan was that one of them would sleep and when she encounters Freddy, she would grab him and bring him to the real world when she wakes up.

Unfortunately, while she was sleeping, Jason storms in and slashes away at the teenagers.
But she wakes up and succeeds in bringing Freddy into the real world...where Jason is in control!
Welcome to Jason's world, Freddy!

This is where the final showdown commences!


Freddy and Jason both have their own movies, each comprising of six parts.

The one Freddy has is Nightmare On Elm Street (1-6)
The one Jason has is Friday The 13th (1-6)

Freddy's signature weapon is a glove with four sharp blades sticking out.
Jason's signature weapon is a long machete.

I can honestly tell you that these movies are a great thriller and is best if watched at night.
I know because I did! Midnight!

Note: There is an age restriction which states that people under 16 aren't liable to watch this as some scenes are unrated.


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author avatar Retired
18th Aug 2010 (#)

very god synopsis.

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author avatar SiddiQ
18th Aug 2010 (#)

Thnx! Btw, when u wrote 'god', u meant good, right? ;)

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author avatar Natasha Head
18th Aug 2010 (#)

One of my all time favorites! Jason rocks, but Freddie was getting a little corny for my liking. It was nice to see him get his you know what kicked! lol

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author avatar SiddiQ
18th Aug 2010 (#)

Definitely! Jason is cool!
Thnx for commenting :)

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