GTA: (PS3) Ballad of Gay Tony Review

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This is a review of the glitzy site of Liberty City. Packed full of clubs, guns and organized crime, the underworld of the Ballad of Gay Tony makes you work hard, and party harder.

Welcome to Liberty City

Liberty City - a city of two halves: the criminal underworld, and the wealthy stars. The Ballad of Gay Tony is not the first - and will probably not be the last - Grand Theft Auto game to be set in Liberty City. Other titles such as Grand Theft Auto: IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned have also featured Liberty City as the main area in which the game is played.

Meet Luis Lopez..

Luis Lopez is the main character, and protagonist, of The Ballad of Gay Tony. This Dominican-American knows Liberty City like the back of his hand, growing up in the underworld, he mentions to already have done some time inside prison before you take control of him.

He currently works for Anthony 'Gay Tony' Prince, as an assistant, and full on gun spraying body guard.

After receiving the job offer from Gay Tony, Luis decides to cut his previous life of gangs and theft, and focus on his now better job.

And of course, not forgetting Gay Tony..

Anthony 'Gay Tony' Prince is the big shot owner of a chain of glitzy clubs in Liberty City, including the famous two of the Maisonette 9 and Hercules.

Described as a 'pill popper' by Luis, the two share a father-son relationship, and one which Tony seems to constantly be finding himself in sticky situations where Luis has to help.

His age also seems to be shrouded in some mystery. Police files say that he is 50, however he claims to be 45.

The main story line

The main story line somewhat opens up to players in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The player has several options: they may do the main missions, or they may do side activities for money, such as 'Drug Wars'. They also have the choice to simply roam around Liberty City doing as they please.

The actual storyline is very well written. More humorous than anything else, however gritty and dark enough to keep the player well entertained. It's a little like playing an action-comedy film; there are some parts which you take seriously, and others where it's just an utter joke.


The main story is long enough to keep you occupied for hours on end, and once you've completed it, you can always go back and redo missions for a higher score.

The player also has the option of playing golf, taking part in drug wars, and several othre activities when not on a main quest.

The Ballad of Gay Tony also allows you to chain Luis's clothes in his apartment. This is great as it adds more realism, allowing you to dress up for the occasion, be it a drug war, or club management; everything needs it's own unique look.


The graphics are more or less the same as Grand Theft Auto: IV. Not exactly picture perfect, but still enough to take you away from the real world and place you in the heart of Liberty City.


The characters are a very strong point in The Ballad of Gay Tony. They range over a large scale, and feature many different aspects of society.

Latino, Caribbean and Black gangs can be seen throughout Liberty City, however they mostly stray around the Northwood ghetto areas.

The Italian Mafia and crime families also pop up frequently in the main story line, alongside Russian gangsters.


The Ballad of Gay Tony is an amazing game. I would have liked to know what happened to all the characters at the end, however I'm sure that Rockstar have left this for another game. I also would have loved to see the story line a little longer.

Overall, I would strongly recommend The Ballad of Gay Tony (available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) to any Grand Theft Auto fan.


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Excellent review, John. Great read.

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