GTA 5 is overrated.

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This article will be about the hard flaws of Grand Theft Auto that may make someone reconsider buying it.

Grand Theft Auto V, the best selling game as of writing this article.

At last, Grand Theft Auto 5 as ended up as first place for game most sales! This game literally earned one billion dollars in three days, while this game took 265 million dollars to make. Talk about profit, am I right? However, as everyone owns it, of course all of the cool kids are going to start making others buy it. So with that, people believe that GTA5 is the best game ever, and there would be nothing that you could do about it. However, sales really don't matter. If someone was to pay a mime 5$ to do a magic trick, and that mime did nothing but sat there and took the money, that could be the same thing as GTA5 and its reason for all of its sales. So this article will go down to why GTA5 isn't all that good as it seems, because everyone thinks its the perfect game. Oh, and I do own a copy of GTA5. (PS4)

Story Mode

The story mode is pretty darn fun, but right until you finish it. Now that you have millions of dollars, there is really nothing to do but spend it. Besides, especially when you do the side missions, that is pretty much it for Grand Theft Auto V. I loved the story a lot, but all you can really do is drive cool cars, kill people, and steal things. So this makes people migrate to GTA Online for more fun. That starts to be fun, until you end up having to grind the same mission over and over for a Super class car. I don't believe that the past element of Grand Theft Auto was to accumulate as much money as possible, and spend it to get good cars. Also, there is literally no point in vehicles when you end up getting 10 good vehicles, all the weapons, and everything that you can buy with money, GTA Online gets boring.

GTA Online

I am going to go a bit more detail on Online. Since really, all you do is kill people, do heists, missions, anything you really want. But then, the experience can be really repetitive for most players that play this game. Last Team Standing is one of those missions you would want to do when you get really bored on Grand Theft Auto Online. Or, unless you want to do some type of goal for yourself. "i.e. buy every single thing that you can wear. (accessories, clothes, masks, helmets, etc.)" Or, getting at a very high rank. (And that takes tons of gameplay time, and a lot of grinding.) Also, since heists had came out several months ago, they seem to be there just to suck out the amount of time you will be able to have fun with money quickly, and ruin the activity on contact missions. Besides, don't you think that it is over stretching it to make a challenge nearly impossible?


Yes yes, I am actually aware that this feature has been around way before GTA V was a thing. But, it really bugged me when I noticed that auto fire was just a cheap way for even the worst people with aim still being able to shoot people. This really ruined the experience of GTA, where it required no skill to just aim it. You can turn it off, but that doesn't guarantee everyone else has it off. This really ruined the fun of it, as when it came to PvP, it would be the scenario where "the first person to react" wins. Also, the game with the cars have went very unrealistic. It would take more than 10 hard slams with your car to even get close to destroying it, and don't even get me started on Online. (Take note that I am also talking about a civilian's car, not an armored one.)


I used to like Grand Theft Auto to where I would play it constantly, and by every moment I was given. It was one of those games where you didn't touch it, and when you played Story Mode a bit, you started getting hooked until you literally finished the game. Same when I was watching Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but back to the point. This game ends up getting really repetitive when you finish the game, and have nothing else to really do. The amount of hype I had for GTA 5 was so strong I HAD to buy it, and I realized how plain it really is. I could trade it in to get a different game, but I rather not. I may be able to switch out games and play the other, but I honestly invested way too much time in GTA V for me to just throw it away like it was nothing. So for the many of you that really want to buy the game, I hope you enjoy it, and you better enjoy the game as much as you can, until it goes stale.


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