Game Review for Rock Band 3

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PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360
1 to 7-Player Rhythm/ Music (7-Player Online)
MTV Games/ Electronic Arts
By Harmonix
» Release
October 26, 2010

Rock Band 3 Game Review

It's clear that this game features hundreds of hours of content. Here, we witness Harmonix's latest creation to dive into several new features that essentially changed the genre.

First off, the fundamentals: Rock Band 3 is compatible to all those expensive music peripherals you already have around the house, together with your old song library. The small advances to menu navigation make a large difference to the experience, particularly in party settings. Menu navigation via the drum pad could be disabled. Players can jump in and drop during songs and change difficulty level mid-music. Band score and independent scores are now listed individually. Filters allow you to select which kind of music you prefer to appear in your selectable song list, and you will be able to rate songs to judge how often certain music comes out in random set lists. Put together, these enhancements help the player tailor-make the game the way they want to play it.

The more substantial alterations appear in the career advancement. Everything you do in the game now adds to your progression, regardless of the mode. There are over 800 goals - you can go for them intentionally by viewing a list, or you could wait for them to set off automatically when you accomplished them in a song. The game does have a storyline following your band throughout its rise to stardom, but that plot is now modular and happens after particular criteria are met. For example, developing and naming your band sets off a cut scene about the band collaborating and agonizing over its name.

The more intricate (and expensive) new proposal gives the most striking changes to game play. The Pro Mode demands one of the new instruments -the new keyboard peripheral, the drum cymbal expansion, or one of the two pro guitars. You will need to dispense some extra money, but the rewards are satisfying. Rock Band 3 features an unbelievably advanced instrument tutorial system for each pro instrument that instructs you the basics of play in ways that carry-over to the actual instrument. In other words, you can learn how to play the drums, guitar and keyboard by nailing the training sections. All of the songs in Rock Band 3, and a lot of the downloadable tracks moving forward, would involve pro instrument charts, which present a new level challenge for music game patrons.

The pro guitar and bass parts, particularly, are challenging even on the lower difficulty modes. For several players, moving up to Expert might involve months of practice and improvement.

Rock Band 3 answers fans' calls for innovation in the progressively reiterative cycle of music gadgets.

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