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An in depth review I've put together of Garry's mod.

Before the game.

To start off, the game is really fun! This has made it on my "best games ever" list along with APB. All around, the game has good graphics, and since it is primarily sandbox, it has fairly good and viable content.
The game runs fairly smoothly on my lower power computer, but it does seem to lag a little when I detonate a nuke, or use the well known "Dismemberment mod" even on my higher power computers. I really don't mind the lag, because the rest of the time, the game runs like pure magic.
Here are some specs:
1.7 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
Video Card that Supports DirectX 8.1 (or greater)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Internet connection (higher speed yields better gameplay)
At Least 1 Source Engine Game (with Source SDK for Garry's Mod 9)

I really only trust the Steam Client to get the game, simply because it is safe and easy. It costs only $9.99 currently, but you'll also need a source mod game like Half-Life, Half-Life2, Counter Strike, or Team Fortress 2. So if you are a source engine fanatic then you are fine, but if you are new to the world of source engine games, then watch yourself. Remember, Garry's mod is only a modded sandbox version of Half-Life that is able to load a massive amount of content and maps. The gameplay is slightly different from Half-Life, and you should not play Half-Live thinking it is exactly like Gmod. It is not. Currently, Team Fortress 2 is free through Steam, and that is how I got the source engine I needed for Garry's Mod.

Durring the game.

So, you've got the game downloaded and installed, and now it's time to play. Really, the game is the best sandbox I've seen. I'm not comparing this to Minecraft simply because of the innumerable differences between the two. However if I had to, I would choose Gmod solely because it has more content and maps. Don't hate me for saying that. If you get mad, at my personal opinion, then that's your problem.
Anyway, when you begin, you have the choice of starting a new game, or loading a previous game that you have saved on your hard drive. I find that I don't really save my games because I usually only mess around. If you do choose to start a new game, then you will be able to choose from either the maps that you already have in your hard drive, or you will be able to chose from a large collection of stunning user created maps that you can download via the games "Toybox".
When you spawn, you have the basic Half-Life controls (W,A,S,D movement and mouse-look for those of you who are unfamiliar). You can press and hold the "Q" key to spawn an object from a large list of items you have, or, like the maps, you can go over to the "Toybox" tab, and chose from a list of user created weapons and objects. The game is really content based, and it's that massive amount of maps, weapons, and objects that makes it fun for me.
The game also has a multiplayer mode that is fun to play with your friends. I must stress the "with your friends' part, because the number of "rowdy" players online is never predictable. Also, when you play multiplayer, the number of NPC's you can spawn is limited as well as your weapons. Your toybox will not authenticate in multiplayer, and will hence be unavailable.

After thoughts

I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. I take .5 off because of it's few hidden flaws, but it gets 9.5 because they've managed to keep it's flaws "hidden". The game is something YOU can control, and all the power is in your hands. I've gotten hours of enjoyment from this game, and I still do. I recommend this game to anyone who plays video games (that's every teen with a computer or console). As I've said, this game has made it to my "Best Games Ever" list, and frankly I doubt it will ever move from there.
So that's Garry's mod. If you have any specific questions drop a comment below, and I'll be glad to answer them.


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author avatar Denise O
19th Aug 2012 (#)

Good info on Garry's mod. I have yet to play the game. I am sure my son is tuned in though. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Justin
14th Dec 2012 (#)

what would be a better source engine half life 2 or tf2

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