Ghost(1990) movie review: When You're DEAD, it's All Over; but When You're LOVED, it's FOREVER !

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a basic movie review following this structure:
1- Pre-Production notes and notes from the producers
2- Predecessors of the movie from previous years of hitting the theaters
3- Pros and Cons, Qualities and Incapacities
4- Memorable moments, and Audience Orientation

Pre-Production Notes and Predecessors of Ghost from previous years

The imaginative but well-conceived idea of dishing up a romance upon
lovers communicating spiritually owing to one of them is dead, was
first filmed by Steven Spielberg 8 months before the Ghost's silver
screen release. Spielberg's movie Always(1989) had classy use of
visuals fulfilling the needs of viewers with mystery-based
expectations. Yet, Always lacked the sense of essential romance
concept, despite having the same plot and even the same storyline in
Ghost. Originally the idea has been created by Chandler Sprague and
David Boehm.

Story Concept, Qualities, Incapacities, and Audience

However, Ghost accomplished of what "Always" tried and failed to
accomplish. Thanks to the great acting trio of Patrick Swayze + Demi
Moore + Whoopi Goldberg, for together they registered indelible moments
into Ghost. It is scraped in our memory how in time Molly and Sam
happen to keep their thoughts off each others' feelings, and that
taught us: "Love begins with emotions, ends with thoughts". On this
account they never called off their faith on believing that they will
keep an enduring love affair. These indelible scenes in Ghost are
conceptually cut where the editing was so impressive that instead of
trying to make the story more plausible, it empowered the devotion of
lovers onto their relation. The scene which Sam's ghost drew upon Oda
Mae's body to break the longing with Molly by kissing her is an
imperishable cinematic instant.

I was in love with someone, and it was February,2005; we were both
watching the Ghost on TV, both talking on the phone. Then that scene
came upon(Sam's ghost kissing Molly in Oda Mae's body), I felt lost
deep in my heart seeking the girl I'm talking on the phone. I heard she
was crying and sobbing, and keep saying to me: "I will never forget the
first time you kissed me and I don't need to be alive to recall this"
Ghost is one timeless romantic masterpiece that had its moments. For me
the kissing scene was the best kiss in movies of all time. MTV had
honoured this kiss as well, several years after the release of the
movie, as the best kiss in '90s. Superimposing that, the scenes where
Oda Mae Brown convinces Molly that Sam's ghost is around her and then
Molly reasons with police that Oda Mae knows what nobody is able to
know but Sam and herself only, are the scenes that deliver the magic
beyond eyes and beyond ears.

To watch Ghost is in the to do list of what to do when you're on a


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author avatar Lady AIyanna
18th Oct 2013 (#)

I cried all night till I could cry no more,
For I knew my life and what was in store.
Breaking down completely until One came,
Showing me that love remains just the same.

Holding me tenderly bringing the dance,
Showing the truth of great love and romance.
With music that plays on and the world watches One,
I know we are together and all for the Sun.

Bringing in the true life that destroyed my whole,
Leaving me crying and weeping in soul.
Until I got unchained with Melody of Love,
Taking help from the potter from heavens Above.

Reaching back down the stairs into world I believe,
I took my lady back kissed her and didn't leave.
No other mortal could ever come holding her hand,
For she was my lady from the distant land.

Using a coin to show her the proof,
Making her cry every time I remained aloof.
Drawing the energy from Stars, Moon and Sun,
Showing love is forever and second to None.

Where the Angels are now singing heaven can Wait,
I just whisper in her ear sorry I'm late.
Holding her hands I bring her to a dance,
Showing the truth in life and start of our romance.

Together we create the world of our own,
Showing the truth that now ascends the throne.
As the world now watches I invisible remain,
Driving the killer knowingly insane.

Sending them back into the burrows so deep,
Letting the darkness on them forever now creep.
As they destroyed a life that loved deep from soul,
Who came back in love making two halves whole.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 18th October 2013

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author avatar Lady AIyanna
18th Oct 2013 (#)

Its one of my favourite movies and honestly its the love for a Spirit that made me so intrigued about it and I have never changed, still love it...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Oct 2013 (#)

Great movie filled with a lot of feeleing and sad!

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