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I think giving gift is an art. Every now and then, we are confused about what we should give. It is better to give cash rather than spend on something that nobody wants.

Gifting ..the custom

In India, gifts were given to help people tide over problems or to begin new lives. When a new baby is born, parents do need to more monies. Giving cash would be the best way but when a rich man is given a small amount, it would seem insulting or so people think. Therefore, the gift. Similarly, gifts are given when a couple is getting married, or buying a new home. Those are the only three occasions for gifting as per tradition. Birthdays and anniversaries are more for fun and frolic. Therefore, they are an opportunity to make the day or year special. Nothing more. Money spent on gifts varies accordingly.

Present day gifting

I don't say giving gifts when we feel like giving is wrong. But it should be given from heart. Not by value. Not in equal measure. Not as formality. In general, that is what is done nowadays. If I give a gift of 1000 bucks, the family would make a note of it somewhere and return as much to me, in form of gift. No obligation you see. When there is no love, where is the need to give gift? But we do give return gifts as well, right?

Gifting as a cause for inflation

Trust me, it is.

I keep eying some dress, and am saving up for it. And there is this marriage. I need to spare that money or at least part of it. What do I do? I limit my budget. I will buy within that whether I like it or not, and whether the person receiving it would like it or not. My indifference tells me ..ah ..if she does not like it, she will give it to somebody else. Right? Right. That is what happens. My gift rotates. BECAUSE IT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now look at the other end of the spectrum. The demand for that good for nothing wall clock or lamp comes up. Manufacturer is pleased. He does not want to face the fact that what he is creating is waste. He thinks people like it, so they are buying it. People actually buy it because it is cheap. So he increases the production. After a few months the market saturates, the business has to dump all those dies, and machines, may be even throw out a few employees. Not before having collected the price of all that from buyers of course. Effectively, we all pay for those wasted dies, machines, frames, etc., etc. Money that could have been utilized better by buying something that is necessary, something that is liked, something that is useful...well into future. All we needed to do is orient that money in right channels. The best way, of course, is giving cash because the person who receives the gift can buy what is needed instead of being saddled by several gifts that are of no use.

When we waste that money, it is lost forever from the economy. Now, that is sad, because that is what reduces value of our currency, and consequently inflation.

Now to gift wraps

Can we not become more innovative on that? We use so much packing and then wrap it neatly. May be we need a new way. Every gift wrap is again a waste. Agreed it is recycled paper. But to recycle paper, we again use energy. For that energy we use water perhaps. And water is scarce, right? Even the paints on that paper are manufactured with some chemicals, which are manufactured. What if we could wrap the gift in some paper that can be folded and used to wipe the kitchen table top, or for dusting? It is also about using everything that we create, right?

Many people reuse that gift wrapper. God bless their soul. The next time you see a gift wrap remember that is going to pinch your pocket. You don't need too much of that. If by being innovative, you can make some gift wrap, even with old clothes, you might be doing a splendid job of saving earth.


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