Golden Goal Slot Game A Review

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The Golden Goal Slot game is an online game that provides hours of fun for the gambling addict. The game does not require a download. It has Return to Player ratio of 94.12%. Jackpot amounts and payouts are given on the Payout table.

Symbols used in the game

Online betting games appeal to those players who like their game to have some basis on some sport or field game. Football forms the basis for the Golden goal slot game and it features a golden football. This is the symbol used in the reels which otherwise would feature the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten in five reel games.
This slot game does not require a download. It is a free to play online game where one can begin play as soon as one has established a playing account with the online gaming site. The other symbols one sees are shoes and whistles in combination with the football.Gaming enthusiasts will find that the Wild Rockets video slot games, Golden goal slot games and Irish Gold Slot game are most entertaining.

Payout Scheme

There is one Payline and each player has a chance to win the progressive jackpot. The RTA has a maximum value of 94.12% only if one bids a maximum amount. If the bid amount is not the maximum value, the jackpot value will reduce further to 87.92%. The lure of the jackpot, three golden footballs in a one spin, keeps players stuck to their seats.

Amount and bonus features

The coin range used in this game is from 0.25 – 0.75. However, there are no multipliers for every spin as in other games. The player will not get free spins either. The game does not feature bonus rounds either. The in-game bonus feature is the wild symbol plus the jackpot.
It is a simple down to earth casino game for the player addicted to gambling online. The jackpot though elusive is enough for the players to dedicate a lot of effort and time to the game. One has to place the bet before one gives the wheels a spin. The Paytable will decide the Prizes for the players.

Rules for playing the game

Here are the rules for the game. First, if the game is unfinished or disrupted, the bet amount and the game details are retained until the player resumes the game. When one resumes the game, it will commence from the point where the interruption took place.
There is a time limit on the bets placed. If the bets are unresolved and 90 days have passed, the bet is void. If there is a malfunction, the bet becomes void. Payment takes place only for the highest winning amount in each round. Click on SPIN to begin this 3-reel slot game.

Jackpot amounts and Prize schemes

A percentage of the amount placed as bet will carry forward into the progressive jackpot amount. Amounts forfeited will go to charity. The paytable shows the distribution scheme for the prizes. If there are delays, the amount shown might differ from the actual value.

Options available for the Players

In case there are two winners for the jackpot, the person who claimed jackpot first, will receive the full jackpot amount for that game. The second person will receive the amount reseeded for jackpot for the round. Each player can make one of the following actions.
· Increase the bet amount
· Decrease the bet amount
· Bet only one coin
· Make a Max Bet
· Spin
In order to increase or decrease the amount for the round in the golden goal slot game, the player has to click on the correct place denoted. He or she also has an option of making a one-coin bet or a maximum bet. Once this procedure is over, he or she has to spin the wheel.

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