Google, the power of a search engine is more than you believe

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So, how powerful do you think google is? How much influence it has over your life? How much does it effect the world?
Many people think it is the most powerful company of the world. Sure it is not the largest brand, there are others, but is the most influential, most powerful over the internet and has the largest network, reaching most people on the internet.

So what is Google for the ones who don't know

Yes, it is virtually not even possible that you are working on the internet, know how to use a computer and the internet, without knowing about Google.
If there is someone, it is the most popular, the most used search engine there is, no one is nearly as good as Google.
Now the company has several other projects and products, but what it is famous for and known for the most is actually the search engine, none of its projects compares to

The power of

It is the most visited site on the internet, others being way behind it, it has tremendous power, most internet surfs starts on google, uses it regularly and even use it for opening other common websites, if you have a web based business, google is where you want it to promote, if you have to promote something or someone wants to find something, we all prefer it.
Why is it powerful? What is the power?
1. To promote or demote your content
2. To start a trend all over the world
3. To make rules on the internet, like government, but actually good
4. To make someone or something famous literally overnight
5. The control over tremendous amount of data
6. A lot of influence over most website design and operation
7. The power to make a brand overnight
8. The power over largest media network in the world, internet
9. Any power that a huge corporation such a size has
10. The largest and most effective advertisement network

Google is the most powerful brand, Why?

Its simply the most influential network, most people believe it more than anything else in the world, most people know about it, if a rumor or news gets on first page of google, it is believed as a fact, those organic first page links are automatically trusted.
Now, I am not saying its bad, it actually does good for people, starts many projects for public benefits, does not charge us too much for advertisements, and actually seems to care about others.
Together the trust, the network, reach and the faith on the brand makes it this powerful.

Other stuff by google

Google has a lot of other products and services, all of them are amongst the best in each of the fields, maybe because they have been bought by google after reaching the fame, or Google can make anything that famous, or is so huge that it just does everything to a minimum quality.
So what other products are there, and how good are they?
Youtube - The largest and most popular video streaming network there is
Android - The most widely used mobile phone operating system, it took over the largest manufacturer and took almost everything it had, it is also an open source software, means it is not owned by google, everyone is free to use it or even develop
Chrome - One of the best browsers
Chromium- Android based open souce operating system
Blogger - One of most well known blogging sites
Google+- Social network by google, started by google, quickly gained popularity
Gmail- One of the most widely used mail networks
Maps- Again the best in the world of navigation
There are many others, like drive, developer tools, servers, motorola, some are the best ones purchased by google or made by it, but all are among the top in its field, how does that happen, no one is this good, not even microsoft, apple anyone, many products have just failed, but when it comes to google, the quality is always maintained, it is not that all services are flawless, android has much more bugs than windows, ios or eensymbian, it crashes more than them, but it is most popular, and it seems to be the best, it exceeds every one of them in features provided, it is free, very powerful and can work on literally any available device. If not, a version can be developed for it.

What could be the future?

Many say google getting private information can be dangerous, by a quick internet search on this topic, you will find that google gets a lot of personal information stored without users knowledge and uses it in search results, and can even share them, foe example it may share a search information that may land you in prison, if you search for illegal activities on google and then carry them out in the real world, it has happened quite a lot of times, you may think it has too much power, but you can be afraid that any large corporation may take over a lot? Yes, but if it is I think its easiest for google to do that, but I also believe that it is not that easy and that it will not do that. Also the rein of every king ends, you can be the king but not not the God, someday yes it may happen that it may aquire a lot more but some day it may also die, no one can tell. I totally support google, I do not know about the future, but the respect and power it has earned is not misused and it is using it quite well in my opinion.


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