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Will Facebook face any challenge from the launch of Google Plus? My prediction on the future of Google plus in social networking domain.

Is Google Plus a challenge to Facebook in social networking domain?

The news that Google has stepped into the phase of social networking with its Google Plus Project has given a real challenge to Facebook.There is no doubt in the fact that those guys who have been working for Google on this project are intelligent enough to put their impressions on that field. It was a frustrating phase in the age of internet when no website felt the necessity social networking. Facebook came up with the right idea at the right time and people started updating their status on facebook. The saga went on and brought the company where it right now.They earned the most trusted faith of their customers and their database started building up. Orkut was there at point of time but the reason behind none being able to stop the race of Facebook was unknown.

On introspecting the journey of facebook, all they did was a belief in one point agenda which was "Social Networking". They felt the need at right point of time and came up with the application website. These are facts and known to each one of us.But the point of debate lies somewhere else .Why Google with all their intelligence couldn't come up with such idea before? It can't be believed that they didn't feel the need at that point of time. It really can't digest the understanding that those techies at google didn't have the idea regarding loads of response in the field of social networking. They had the best of database available in the internet through results from google search engine. Such database can easily predict behavior about people's query and mind. Anyway, it’s better late than never. At least those giants have realized the fact that even still untouched field can be touched upon where there is a lot of scope for improvement.

There is no doubt on the fact that Google will come up with flying colors even on the field of social networking.They know the industry of internet more than any species of this universe. Just give you a example: This guys have immediately captured the loop holes in the idea of message broadcasting which we experience in Facebook or twitter, and explored the issue in the idea of "Circles". You can literally drag and drop your friends into predefined Circles where they give you the administrative control of organizing whom to see what or what to share with whom. We do fall into a awkward situation when a message gets broadcasted to all friends of friend list when it is intended for a single one. Though Groups can be formed in Facebook but the system is not that user friendly what I suppose. There are other features also like Hangouts, Sparks etc what you can easily know from the link

Guys. the agenda that Google has captured, may be of late, was quite overwhelming but the main issue lies with the way by which they have planned to capture the customer base. They need to break their head upfront to deal case of shifting people from the world of facebook (fb) and twitter. We all by the way, have got accustomed with the look of facebook. The word got spread up like anything from door to door. My mom-in-law, who is around 65 years old and is a house wife, even tries to find a little bit of her precious time out from her temple to ask me to have a scroll at her facebook account. Everyday she eagerly waits for a new posting from her brothers and sisters who stay abroad. These days even she has started acclimatizing with the looks of Facebook. The strength of facebook is that it has made a tight grip on its customers like what Microsoft did with windows operating system WINXP.

Now, the upfront task of those Managers and Technocrats of Google is to break that bond. Its guaranteed that they have already planned and implemented the best possible ideas into their project of Google plus even before its launch, but what I. may be along with a few others from you, feel that they should had tried to built a collection of opinions and advices from their vast pool of customers of various platforms about the ways and means to improve their project. A few of my suggestions to the team include:

1) They need to give incentives to those people who will migrate from other Social networking sites. It will be decided on the frequency of use of Google plus project and the number of users they brought from those domains.

2) .These incentives may rise from intangible benefits to tangible income based on criteria that fulfill their s and agreement.

3) The design of the screen should be very simple. Much simpler than existing social networking sites.

4) They should emphasis on the scope of improvement for people of physical disablement. Like reading out the messages for them, embedding facility for calls to their friends etc.

5) Circles formed in the form of generic names like “Student”, “Engineer”, “Doctor”, “Literates”, “Lawyers” etc .or even “Housewife” may be given some sort of inputs characteristically, on its entry within that circle. Something like what we get when while typing in Google search engine. A tab may be placed within that circle where a Doctor can search his/her relevant e-books or documents and download same at the same time.

6) Option of various languages is a priority.

Its a possibility that all those options have already been incorporated or they find those worth not doing.But there are so many things that each one of us can contribute to make it a success. All the Best for the team.


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