Google's Nexus 5 - One Year Later

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A succinct review of the Nexus 5 one year after release. This article will go over how the device performs, how it has held up over time, and what its future looks like.

Nexus 5 - Performance after one year

The Nexus 5 was a great phone in late 2013. Google and LG released an amazing package with high-end flagship specifications coupled with an insanely affordable price. Many people decided to pick it up, and it became a favorite of many Android enthusiasts and geeks. The Nexus 5 offered solid performance, the freshest and cleanest version of the Android operating system, and a simplistic style. The Nexus 5 is equipped with a Snapdragon 800 CPU, Adreno 330 GPU, and 2GB RAM, making for a smooth experience with minimal lag. However, in the past year we have seen phones upgrade to the newer Snapdragon 801 and now the Snapdragon 805 processor. So how does the Nexus 5 fare today, more than a year after it was released? Although it has a slightly dated processor, the phone is still no slouch. It still gives users the buttery smooth performance that consumers expect from a Nexus device, with enough power to play the latest, graphically demanding mobile games. One issue that users might face is lag from filling up their storage with apps that may run in the background. This is easily resolved through third-party apps that can keep background tasks to a minimum, keeping your phone lag-free and saving battery life. If you want to increase your phones performance, try rooting the device (*root at your own risk) and optimize your phone how you like. Keep in mind that with rooting and advanced options, you can damage your phone if you do not know what you are doing. However it is easy to find guides and videos online to guide you through the different processes.
The only competition that really stands next to the Nexus 5 in terms of pricing and performance is the OnePlus One, but the One is hard to purchase and has differences that set it slightly apart. All things considered, the Nexus 5 is still a beast for its price even today. Even if you want to get an affordable but powerful smartphone, the Nexus 5 is still a viable option.

Nexus 5 - Hardware after one year

Like most people, I prefer to keep my phone secure in a protective case. Over the past year, I kept my Nexus in a relatively protective case and with a tempered glass screen protector. Even for the drops that the phone went through when unprotected did not do much harm, with the sides receiving barely visible dings. One complaint that some people have about the Nexus 5 hardware is the protruding camera and the metal ring that protects it. The metal ring can often get scratches, and the protrusion makes it hard to lay the phone completely flat. However, having a case on alleviates this issue, keeping the device flat and all the parts protected. The phone is very durable, and with a case and good care will last a long time.

Nexus 5 - Future outlook

The Nexus line is known for receiving the newest Android operating system updates after its initial release. The Nexus 5 is no exception, as it is slated to receive the new Android Lollipop update, leaving behind Android KitKat. The performance has held up well, and the specs inside should be able to power the phone through any tasks, apps, or games that may come about in the near future. This makes the Nexus 5 a great buy even one year later, since the successor, the Nexus 6, is expensive and massive in size. If anyone wants a good, dependable, yet affordable smartphone that will be up-to-date with the latest that Android has to offer, the Nexus 5 is still worth your consideration.


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