'Goosebumps: Movie Novel' makes Slappy the chief villain

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Slappy the Dummy makes a comeback in "Goosebumps: Movie Novel."

"Goosebumps: Movie Novel" is Slappy's comeback

Slappy, the inimitable dummy, makes a comeback in “Goosebumps: Movie Novel.” Originally introduced into the “Goosebumps” world by R.L. Stine in 1993, Slappy debuted as a menacing dummy in Night of the Living Dummy. The original cover for the book features a creepy close-up of Slappy’s sadistic face and smile. A caption reads: He walks. He stalks…

In Night of the Living Dummy, tumultuous twins, Lindy and Kris, first discover Slappy the Dummy in a dumpster. The two are identical in many ways, but Kris has no interest in Slappy until Lindy starts playing with him and begins getting attention for her talents as a ventriloquist. Kris begins to feel left out and wants to learn to work Slappy as well. But strange, sinister things begin happening, and perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for the twins to bring Slappy home with them. It seems the toy dummy is more alive than he seemed when his inanimate, wooden self was pulled from the dumpster.

Slappy has gone on to be in other “Goosebumps” books and has appeared more than once on the “Goosebumps” TV show. He is arguably the most popular “Goosebumps” character of all time, and he has made a big comeback in the recent “Goosebumps” movie. He is the star villain, leading all other classic “Goosebumps” monsters, ghosts, and creatures in a battle against R.L. Stine.

In the “Goosebumps: Movie Novel”, Slappy’s character undergoes more character development than fans are used to seeing. He actually takes over the book at one point and breaks the fourth wall by talking directly to readers. Some parts involving him change the perspective of the book, which is generally told in first person by a character named Zach. So while the book is about Zach, the hero, readers can still read about what’s going on with the star villain.

The “Goosebumps: Movie Novel” is a fun read. It’s 137 pages and actually differs from the movie in one very fundamental way, so if you watch the movie before reading the book you’ll be in for a big alteration to the story. But that’s all part of the fun. R.L. Stine is all about twists and turns.


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23rd Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for this review - siva

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11th Nov 2015 (#)

I just saw your post. I like books w/twists and turns. Thanks!

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