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Greek cuisine is a popular cuisine known everywhere in the world. It is well known for its herbs and tasteful delicious food, the Greek cuisine has many recipes from seafood to meat dishes, the cooking is mouthwatering and full of wonderful handpicked herbs.

Roasted lamb with potatoes

Roasted lamb with potatoes is a very popular Greek dish in Greece. It is fresh made with handpicked herbs and fresh garden potatoes with the best mountain lamb in Greece. This dish is very easy and it is less time consuming too everyone can make this dish with no hassle at all. Greeks make their dishes with the greatest produce of Greece, because everyone has their own farms and potato farms. Here is a link of the roasted lamb recipe.


Mousaka is a very traditional Greek dish that goes all the way back to the Asia minor Greeks before they departed to Greece. Mousaka is a very light dish that is mostly made with vegetables and ground beef finished with bechamel sauce. This dish is very delicious and it can be made into a diet dish as well for people that want to watch their weight. This is one of my favorite Greek dishes, it is amazing and it is filled with flavor. Here is a link of the Mousaka recipe.


Pastitsio is another great recipe that is mouthwatering and made from the heart. Pastitsio just like mousaka goes all the way back to the Asia minor Greeks and was made often for festivals, marriages, name days, and other ceremonies that took place back then. Pastitsio is made with fat pasta, ground beef, and bechamel sauce. This basic dish is tasty and baked to perfection that makes you to want to eat more. Here is a link of Pastitsio.

Grilled octopus

Grilled octopus is another popular seafood dish that the Greeks make a lot. Every day in the islands of Greece fishermen bring back fresh octopi from their fresh day catch. Grilled octopus is prepared by Grilling the octopus on the grill and then preparing the delicious lemon oil juice that goes on top of it when its done. This dish makes a perfect appetizer when you are dinning out at the Tavernas to start your meal. Grilled octopus is a very famous dish on the menus and you can find different octopus dishes for you to choose as well, octopus is a very wonderful sea creature with many dishes to make with it. Here is a link of grilled octopus recipe.

Fisherman's pasta

Fisherman's pasta is a wonderful dish with a lot of seafood do to the name ''Fisherman's pasta''. This dish is magnificent made with thin pasta and different seafood fresh from the sea. In Greece the dish is served on a big pinna shell and decorated all over with all the shellfish, and the pasta goes in the middle with a big prawn on top. This dish is very famous to every tourist that visits Greece and everyone loves this dish because of its seafood flavors freshly caught every day. Here is a link of Fisherman's pasta recipe .


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20th Aug 2013 (#)

I've tried mousaka and the roast lamb, but haven't heard of the others

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8th Dec 2013 (#)

They are on the menu too. They are mostly served during summer time.

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