HAPIfork Smart fork.

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Forks are great when doing what we love doing, yes eating!An invention has been brought forward by the Hapilabs family and this might revolutionize the expectations of eating habits and eating healthy.

Hapifork Smart Fork.

HAPIfork smart fork HAPILABS team has made a great invention that was at first reserved for medical practice and checkups. They have recently adopted the HAPIfork smart fork, an innovation that arose due to what people love most, the act of eating. It is now featured in the popular Kickstarter to raise US $100,000 to find its initial product launch. The question now is, why would one be interested in a fork? By having an overview of what it entails and it usefulness in today’s techno-savvy world, we get to really know the genius behind the invention.
This electronic fork helps one to monitor and track all their eating habits when they use it when eating.
It also alerts one by the help of indicator lights when one is eating too fast. It utilizes the action “fork serving” which tells every time one brings food from their plate to their mouth with the fork.
It is also modified to measure the following: Intervals between “fork servings”, the amount of fork servings taken per minute and also the duration of time taken for one to eat their meal.
The information gotten is uploaded via USB to an online Dash board to track one’s progress. The HAPIfork really is a fork that makes one happy since it comes with the creator’s HAPILABS Apps plus a programme useful in coaching to improve one’s eating habits/behavior.
HAPIfork today is on high demand and will soon become a must have utensil for everyone. The HAPILABS mobile app is useful in iPhone's, Android and windows mobile where one can save their HAPImoments with pictures, videos and comments, they can record their performance data such as the sleep patterns and meals and visualize one’s progress in health and fitness. The online dashboard found at HAPILABS.com can be useful to help assess and manage data from one’s device, share the HAPImoments online with family and friends, such as photos and give out workout objectives that will track one’s progress and score points in the HAPILABS ongoing challenge.
It contains the following: Electronic key which has:
-Micro USB connector
-Lithium polymer battery +3.7V
-Microcontroller ST STM32L1 Cortex M3 -Capacitive detection
-1 vibrator
-2 alerts
-2 component plastic shells.
Handle fork which:
Fits both electronically and mechanically fork electronic key. Specifications include; length of 7.87//200mm, width of 1 inch// 124.5mm, height of 2/3 inches//15.70mm and weight of about 0.14 pound///65gms.


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