Halo Reach: Armor Lock, Should It be Tweaked?

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Is armor lock too powerful? Does it need a redesign? Or is it fine the way it is?

Halo Reach: Armor Lock, Should It be Tweaked?

Halo Reach changes the face of halo game play with the introduction of Armor Abilities. Unfortunately it has become apparent that not all abilities are equal in competitive player vs player games. One such overpowered armor ability that needs to be toned down is armor lock. This article hopes to display the various problems with this armor ability.

Shield Recharge

Firstly is the problem of shield recharge while your armor is locked. If you go for a few seconds without being hit by enemy fire, and then go into armor lock there is a chance that your shields will begin to recharge eliminating the advantage your enemy had when he found you weak after a recent firefight. The fix for this is simple: stop shield recharge while in armor lock because all the armor’s power should be going into the lock, so there should be no extra to recharge shields.

Objective Games

Another problem is with objective returns. While in king of the hill games you can not use Armor Lock within the hill, you can when returning flags and bombs as well as arming a bomb. If you have an entire team of Armor Lockers this technique can be highly effective. In addition you are allowed to armor lock in the hills of invasion. To fix this make armor lock ineffective when performing one of the actions listed. This should not be only done to armor lock, all armor abilities that effect game play in this manner, like invisibility, should be eliminated while performing actions.

360 View Angle

Another problem is that 360 view that you get when you are in armor lock. This allows you to view your surroundings for valuable seconds to get the lay of the map before you exit. This is another simple fix, make the player camera stay ‘in’ the helmet like normal viewing thus making you stare at the ground while you are in armor lock.

Rare Medals

Lastly Armor lock has made a lot of medals very rare. The main reason that medals like sticks and splatters are rare are not due to the armor ability itself. I am ok with and enemy preventing a stick, or destroy an oncoming vehicle with armor lock since it adds a new dimension to the game. My problem is the fact that armor lock is so effective, that almost everyone uses them in games that these medals are prevalent in.


There are many other problems with armor lock that are beyond the scope of this article. Even without these other problem it is quite clear that armor luck deserves a second look to make it more balanced with the other armor abilities. Many people say that these reasons presented are all wrong. To those people I ask you one thing. If there is no benefit of using armor lock over another armor ability, why is there a disproportionate amount of people choosing armor lock when they spawn? Surely if it was inline with others then AL would be used about the same as other armor abilities.


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author avatar Karen
13th Apr 2011 (#)

I dont understand what is the problem really stop complaining dont like the ability then dont play the game Bungie did a very good job for the game all the abilities are balanced so enjoy the game and stop crying little baby

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