Harriet Tubman Movie Summary

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A Woman Called Moses is a movie about abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. This is a summary of the movie about the popular woman, that was ahead of her time.

A Woman Called Moses-Movie Summary

A Woman Called Moses is a movie about Harriet Tubman. The historical movie chronicles her life as a abolitionists and her life as a married woman to husband, John Tubman.

The majority of the scenes in the movie take place in Tubman's home state, Maryland. In the movie she returned to Maryland and freed her family. Tubman was able to get her brother and sister in-law to Canada, and moving her parents in with her. Other parts of the movie was shot in locations across the northeastern United States.

The story of Harriet Tubman's life is one of courage and triumph. A Woman Called Moses showcases her ability to outsmart slave masters and bounty hunters to help other slaves to become fugitive slaves themselves. In the biopic, Tubman, portrayed by Cicely Tyson, used common sense and had a carefully planned operation when returning south to free slaves. For example, she had fake freedman passes, train tickets, safe houses, and carried a gun to protect herself. In addition to the things mentioned above, Tubman had a body double trick slave catches on one trip.

In her younger days, Tubman was struck upside her head and the lick she took left her with an unknown illness that resulted in her passing randomly.

Business Minded Woman
Before Tubman took her freedom, she made a deal with the slave owner she was hired out to. The slave owner she work for, had an abandon cabin that came with a small patch of land. Tubman made a deal, she would farm the land and keep half the money she made from her crop.

In closing, I would recommend that all history buffs watch A Woman Called Moses. The movie will give history buffs a chance to see what Tubman and other abolitionists went through.

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8th Dec 2015 (#)

Harriet Tubman was indeed a woman ahead of her times. She was also an army spy. She also successfully sued the U.S. government for her military pension. This movie only hints at her lifetime struggles against inequality. I totally agree that it is a movie that should be seen by all that study U.S. and Canadian History. Thanks for this post.

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