Have You Read Leaving Fishers by Haddix?

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This is an article that discusses the plot, characters, and many other elements of the story entitled Leaving Fishers.

My Review

The main character in this book is Dorry Stevens, a high-school girl. Some other important characters are Zachary, Dorry’s parents, and the Fishers of Men, a cult. The setting is modern day Indianapolis. The problem is that she was in the Fishers of Men cult, which kept demanding more and more devotion. The solution you’ll have to find out by reading the book, but I will give it to you at the end of the review anyways (only read if you want to).

In the first part of the plot, Dorry has just moved to Indianapolis from the country. She meets some new friends, and they introduce her to a religious group called the Fishers of Men. They are very nice to her. Then, she goes to a Fishers event, where she is welcomed, and baptized as a Fisher. Then a girl claims to have seen God talk to her and they do some rituals. When she gets back home, her mom has a heat attack. She is given spiritual support from Fishers.

Now she feels comfortable with Fishers of Men, and they begin to ask for an hour minimum of prayer daily. She also starts to get in awkward situations from their demands. She now begins to see the bad side of being a Fisher. Things just go downhill from there, constantly getting worse. She finally has a “melt-down”, but will she quit. I will now spoil the rest of the book. She quits the group, and meets with another recently resigned Fisher. He tells her that Fishers of Men is actually a religious cult, and the leader of it was scamming the 1000+ members of it. Dorry continues practicing religious stuff, but is never scammed by religion again.

This book is realistic fiction. It has some religious themes, but it is not the topic. It takes around 3-5 hours to read because it has 200 pages. There is no series, and the problem is the growing demands of the Fishers of Men. The solution was given to you in the form of a spoiler.

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thanks for this I think I shall have to read more.

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