Have you seen the show : "Cupcake Wars "?

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A review of the Food Network channel's Cupcake Wars: what is it? Who's the host? What is it all about? Who competes and what is the prize for the winning baker.

Cupcake Wars, the series

Have you seen Food Network’s Cupcake Wars? If you have a sweet tooth and are curious how bakers compete for $10,000 and the further recognition of their cupcake business in 60 minute then this is your show. Four bakers are chosen from around the United States and they are allowed to bring their tools and one helper with them to assist them during the show.

Many charities and famous places like Hard Rock Cafe and Ice House , comedy club in Pasadena have come on the show as the third judge to pick which cupcake establishment will help them celebrate their anniversary, charity fundraiser, or other special event.

The host Justin Willman is joined with two regular judges Candace Nelson and Florian Bellanger, a famous French Pastry, and a guest judge from the establishment that will be celebrating. There are three challenges :

Challenge 1 :Taste. Bakers must create one delicious cupcake from the table of secret ingredients using three of the 8-10 ingredients on the table. Bakers are given 45 minutes. The judges pick the three that will move onto Challenge 2 and eliminate one baker.

Challenge 2: Taste & Presentation Bakers are given 75 minutes to create three cupcakes: 1 per judge a total of 9 cupcakes. They will be judged on how good each cupcakes taste using the ingredients from Challenge 1. They must incorporate the theme of the establishment that will be hosting the event later that night into the presentation of their cupcakes in addition to taste. Judges eliminate one baker who does not meet the criteria of taste and presentation to the liking of the judges.

Challenge 3: Display Presentation. This is the final challenge where the last two bakers are given 2 hours to bake 1,000 cupcakes and build a cupcake display for the special event.They are given one master carpenter to build the cupcake display and 4 baking assistants. The winner will accompany the cupcake display at the event and $10,000. The publicity, alone, at these events have given many cupcake businesses further help in the highly competitive cupcake business.

There are many different cooking and baking shows on the Food Network, but I find Cupcake Wars very interesting. I enjoy listening to the comments of each baker as the show goes on. The amazing abilities these bakers have to come up with a great tasting cupcake on the spot is simply interesting to see the process take place. If you are looking for a different type of food show that is fun and interesting to watch this is your show. There are always interesting charities and famous companies that come on this show. I would give this show definitely at least 4.5 stars.


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author avatar rorysmom
25th Mar 2011 (#)

Nice, well-written review. I just started watching Cupcake Wars a couple of weeks ago, and it is definitely a fun show! On a side note, it is too bad about all of the spam comments on here.

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author avatar Fleur D
26th Mar 2011 (#)

Yes, ijust joined and I hate the spam comments.

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author avatar JohnH
25th Mar 2011 (#)

well done, welcome to wikinut.

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