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tea types vary in each countries but there is list of some good tea and the reviewqq

Tea Healthy or not

Tea type

Tea is great for mood and for waking up and for many things, but in the market you will explore many teas, healthy tea and not tasty or healthy.

The processing of the tea makes the difference, here is list of special teas.
Oolong tea and Formosa tea, this tea is made of fermented leaves. This is mix of black and green tea, it is darker than red normal tea and the name means dragon in chines. So I guess this tea type is good for those who likes to sleep at work, and for those who are lazy, workers or students.

People seeking this tea are tea addicts, however if you are not heavy tea drinker you should not drink this tea or you are going to stay awake for long nights. This is good tea and they may not sell it in any store.

Green tea which is known to be healthy, however, its not really healthy for sure.
This tea processed in unique way, green tea is less oxidized leaves, so it keeps the greenish color. You need to not boil it for long minutes, just seconds. During making this tea in the factories, they protect the oxidation enzyme in the leaves. And for nice taste they add imported tastes. It has some vitamins but its not as tasty as the dark or red tea. It may be tasty if you add some other flavors to it like mint or anything that you like and things like thyme is what I like, they say its not really healthy tea, and its not good at all time.

This tea is good and it taste good but not sweet. It is really good and oxidized well, they leave the leaf to dry, roll then you get this tea, there are many brands of this black tea, I like the one from UK. Its really good and made in better way then other countries.
This UK tea is soft and smells nice, but other brands like the indian brand is thick and harsh.

White teas, its not really so used tea, its kinda rare tea, its made from different plant and its not available at all the places.

This tea is made in china this tree is chines, so its chines its kinda like no taste, but its healthy and used for some symptoms, it has whitish shade.

Tonic tea
Its tea with no caffeine, its weirdest thing, this tea says to treat some diseases like immune system and stress, its kinds mix of tea and minerals, but no proof that this is healthy or treats really this things its really just company claims, just for commercial reasons, but its not tasty like other tea brands nor its good for those who like tea, I do not recommend this tea as it has no effect nor have good taste


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