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Hello, Wiki! Ah... what can I say about this site? It's too early to give review, but let me start it with Brief Introduction about Myself and My First Impression about Wikinut.

Brief Introduction

I was born on March 6 1990. My nationality is Indonesia. In couple forum, I use name of 'princess kaurvaki' or 'redva kaurvaki' as my pen name. In my life, I’m wife and young mother for most beautiful angel on this earth named ‘redva previta kaurvaki’ –you can call my angel ‘vita’.

Since these last two years, I enjoy writing online as my favorite activity. I started blog and wrote for online writing sites. Till now I had published more than 700 articles online. I write poetry, personal life about my little family, review, quotes, motivation, rewrite articles and many more. I’m the only author for my personal website ‘Princess Kaurvaki’.

Writing has been important part of my life and I really couldn't feel good enough without this one. My dream is very simple: I want to write novels and publish my book.

Wikinut is Awesome!

Wikinut is awesome! I actually heard about this site since long time ago, but I never really go here. I often relate ‘wikinut’ to ‘wikipedia’ due to similarity using ‘wiki’. I'm one of member 'Let's Blog Together' facebook group where the members can post their blog on group. This group introduced me about this site and it's really impressed me when they talked about Wikinut more and more. So, July 27 2013, I came to this site and signed up! Thank you to introduce me to Wikinut! ^_^

Excellent Post Editor

Wikinut has excellent post editor. It's the first feature I love the most. It's very easy to navigate when submitting our post. To customize our text with 'bold/italic', insert link and insert image is very easy to do. Add section is feature where you can add more content as new section. Post will emphasize each new section to look impressive, so it’s really working well for your post. Before publish it, we also can read our post by preview it.

Moderating Your Post: To Publish or To Reject

Our post is not automatically published. Our post will be review by moderator to decide it will be published or rejected. Once it published, you will notify through email and you can see it appear on your page. Otherwise, if your article rejected, you will notify through email with reason of rejection.

Based on my experience, article moderation is very important. I have experience in Expert Column and Bubblews where each posts automatically published without moderating. It set them in trouble when couple of post do not meet their guidelines and couldn't filter it directly. In the future, writer will find many of their posts deleted without even notified about this. Deletion post also leaves broken links for site which is not good for SEO. We need to wait for minutes or hours for our post to be moderated, but for sure, it will stay forever on website!

Republishing Your Post is Great Idea!

Don’t forget, as I said on my previous post “Republication Posts Make Things Easier for The Writer”, Wikinut allow you republishing your post, as long as you’re the author. All you need to do is telling the moderator if the article is yours. How? You can write a note right when you’re trying to publish your work.


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author avatar redvakaurvaki
Hello, this is me, Redva Kaurvaki. I'm writing for online publishing site and my personal website. I love to write anything, especially is about quotes, health, website, poetry, news and more.

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author avatar jenny1015
29th Jul 2013 (#)

This site is sure a great one. I hope I have been here more often. I have forgotten about it when I became busy with my online job.

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
30th Jul 2013 (#)

true, I think it's very important to spend more time here, especially is to build our network

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
29th Jul 2013 (#)


I love it so far too, I am still trying to crack the code of how to generate larger amounts of $$$ though hehe. Strategy here is not quite as easy as our other place.

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
30th Jul 2013 (#)

You can tell me when you find it way, Sir lol

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author avatar sukkran
31st Jul 2013 (#)

an interesting review. of course, an interesting platform for writers.

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
2nd Aug 2013 (#)

I hope it gives me a good time

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