Hollywood Movie: Edge of Tomorrow or Edge of Nowhere

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Edge of Darkness with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is a disaster in every way.

How many times does Tom Cruise have to die?

Maybe I'm not a science thriller person but nonetheless I did watch this movie Edge of Tomorrow with my husband, no popcorn to distract. The more I watched, the more the hero, Tom Cruise died. He must have died a million times. First I thought the movie was buffering and skipping backwards. The Director didn't even bother to change the scene of Tom Cruise's miraculous birth and re-birth. Tom Cruise was forced to come back in the same army camp with the same Sergeant yelling the same one word Maggot at him. Army Sergeants are known to run their mouth, not this one though. Despite all the noise, Tom Cruise managed to remember everybody's names at the Army Camp as well as the game of cards, soldiers were playing before they were forced to eat the cards as per the Sergeant from Kentucky's wishes!

Emily Blunt killed and killed to strengthen Tom Cruise!

The movie's heroine, Emily Blunt was ruthless with her killing like the monsters or aliens. If the aliens didn't get to Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt did, and shot him dead just like that with the promise that more he dies, the stronger he would become or something like that! Of course, this movie threw the entire reincarnation theory out in the wilderness. Interestingly, the wilderness seemed eerily similar to the Zombie TV show, The Walking Dead. There was so much hurling and clanging that nobody could have known what was going on. Well, at least the Director, Screenplay Writer, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise, and me - did not have a clue! My husband had vague clues but he didn't bother to tell me!

Edge of Tomorrow descended into complete Abyss

Needless to say, I did not know what was going on, why the aliens were attacking, how dying was supposed to strengthen the hero, why the heroine insisted on killing him, who was winning, who was losing, will aliens never go away, where was there leader hiding etc. The layout was a reminder of America's wars where soldiers die, wars are won, yet enemies are back in action with double dare! Anyway, the aliens kept coming and coming just like IS Islamic terrorists. It was so dark that one could not even see the villains and villains should be absolutely seen; there is something deadly about a good villain not some snorting insect looking aliens who could barely be seen but still kept appearing and disappearing from the Earth and water. I preferred the aliens of District 9 who used the
f-bomb frequently for the government
! Ultimately, no fancy weapons or pretty heroines or daring heroes could save this film. My verdict: zero stars.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

With the price of tickets, movie theater popcorn and soda these days, I figure you just saved me at least twenty bucks. Thank you Joyce.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
3rd Nov 2014 (#)

Haha Steve. You're welcome.
It was a senseless movie that made no sense to me. Thanks for the moderation and star.

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author avatar Retired
4th Nov 2014 (#)

Ah yes, ditto what Steve said!

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author avatar Joyce Singha
4th Nov 2014 (#)

Rama; you could buy Mithai with that money :)

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author avatar Ptrikha
9th Nov 2014 (#)

Good review of a pathetic movie. At times I feel do they make such movies in Hollywood(and Bollywood too) to dump "Black Money"?

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