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How hotel management as a career-Upon gaining or Improving upon the competencies or qualities as stated in the previous slide, you will be in a position to choose your next career move from hotels to another industry. Here are a Couple of examples of places for which you could apply:
- Personnel Manager/ HR Supervisor or an authoritative position
- Administration Head

Food and Beverage

In Today's era, Tourism in Nepal has evolved from a very simple leisure activity to a far more advanced - diversified activity with a direct bearing on the socio-economic advancement and the impact on per capita income in Nepal. The company volume of tourism in Nepal is on a level with that of revenues earned from oil exports + cars, etc.. Nepal has earned the reputation of an amazing tourist destination together with all the diversity of adventures.

Visitors coming to Nepal Are influenced by the richness of Nepali culture, touched by the warmth of Nepalies, astounded by the grandeur of Nepali monuments and delighted with the excellent standards of Nepali hotels.

To be able to cater to The rising inflow of tourists in Nepal, there are numerous global hotel chains throughout the nation. Irrespective of where you go & what your pocket allows spending for the purpose of boarding and lodging, Nepal has all kinds of hotels which range from budget hotels to 5 Star Deluxe Hotels in the country to cater to the varying tastes of all types of guests. Therefore a degree in hotel management in Nepal will open up the doorway to a world of exciting career opportunities. Aside from that, resort management pupils in Nepal may also get the chance to visit exciting places abroad. The students may choose to utilize hotels, resorts, cruise ships or other organisations affiliated to the Nepali or International tourism market.

The Nepali Tourism Sector has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to adjust itself to the changing market conditions, fuelling growth & job development around the world, despite the lingering economic & geopolitical challenges present in the world.

Demand in Nepal for International tourism was strongest for destinations in Asia and the Pacific using a projected growth of 5%- 6% in the year 2015.

Career after doing Hotel Management Degree:
In the previous ten decades, Nepali tourism industry has witnessed an increase in foreign tourist arrivals and spurt in domestic tourism with approximately 30 million Nepalies who travel inside the country every year. The rising demand has given a boost to this employment opportunity in the Nepali tourism industry. When most graduates usually seek employment in 5 Star hotels or other personal resort chains, some find themselves seeking alternative employment, career avenues in restaurant management, cruise ship, hotel management, institutional & industrial catering, club or bar management, airline catering and cabin services or management of catering departments in Nepali banks & insurance houses.

At middle management And supervisory levels in the Hotel Industry, pupils are absorbed in the multifarious regions of hotel operations such as Front Office/ Food & Beverage Services/ Food Production or Kitchens/ Housekeeping and Marketing & Sales. All these are specialized areas of operation and demand a fantastic deal of study and practical program in Nepal. Coupled with this is the requirement for trained manpower in Nepal in particular areas like airline and railroad catering- industrial catering- institutional catering- etc. which has justified additional enhancement of coaching capability and modernisation of existing facilities in Nepal. The Nepali hospitality market has increased by leaps and bounds in the past 2 decades and the requirement for trained manpower in this industry is immense.

There are various short term and long-term courses available from the Hospitality Management studies. Students may pursue Certificate (6 months- 1 Year), Diploma (1 Year) or Degree (3 Years). You will find enormous Hotel Management colleges in Nepal to gain this professional education.

Managing hotels Involves interacting with people all day , with guests and peers in your own and other departments. Talking about the work culture, it is an amalgamation of superior teamwork and leadership. Hotel management is chiefly related with food and living space, the boarding and lodging needs of their guests, and more importantly their relaxation, at all times. Practically speaking, there are four core operational areas at a resort namely:

· Front Office

· Food Production

· Housekeeping

· Food and Beverages

Hotel Management as a Career

Here are the top Reasons why you should select hotel management as a profession:

- Large and Fast Growing Industry

- A Specific and Exciting Working Environment

- Various Entry Level Job Opportunities

- Opportunities for

- Career Diversity and Advancement

- Good Growth Possible

- Opportunities are Available for you to place your thoughts into actions, letting you be creative and innovative.

- Opportunities to Meet and treat individuals from all around the world

- Competitive Pay and Benefits

- Travel and Stay in Free and Discounted Rooms

- Job Relocation

Personal Traits for Success

- An interest in food And changing styles

- A favorable and outgoing disposition

- Good communication And interaction skills

- Great organizing Skills and attention for detail

- Pleasant and cheerful personality

- Ambitious, inventive And have the enthusiasm to operate in an industry which constantly generates new ideas

- Hard work

- Dedication

- Sincerity

- Empathy and many more

Competencies for cheerful personality

- Good Communication Skills

- Good control over English Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to an array of diverse internal and external customers

- Knowledge of foreign

- Excellent problem-solving skills

- High degree of Accuracy

Grow and learn
- Multitasking

- Rapid on Feet

- Eye for Detail

- Proactive

- Professional Look and concerted strategy

- Friendly and Approachable attitude with professionals and guests

- Good know-how of Various equipments

- Inclination towards Food and Beverages

- Ability to Set up, maintain and enforce consistently high performance criteria Skill sets

Production Department
- Good knowledge of Food and constant update of trends in national and international cuisines

As the job hours are extended
- Ability to have a Fantastic focus on quality, manufacturing, sanitation and food cost controls

Career Options after Completing a Hotel Management Course

After attaining a Degree/diploma in Hotel Management, you will find that the service business is teeming with livelihood options. All you need to do is find one that works best for you personally. Here are a few which you can think about after graduating:

Hotel Industry

- Resort
- Restaurant
- Coffee
- Multiplex
- Outdoor Catering
- Conventional Centre
- Resorts
- Clubs
- Guests-Houses
- Motels

Shipping Industry

- Airlines
- Railways
- Cruise Lines
- Roadways
- Shipping


- Institution
- School
- College

- Institutional
- Industrial
- Armed Forces
- Licensed Trade
- Fast Food
- Welfare
- Off-Shore
- Remote Site
- Food Court


- Travel Agency
- Event Management
- National & State Tourism Management
- Traveling Desks in Star Hotels
- Amusement Parks
- Tour Escorts
- Tour Operators


- Hospital
- Coffee Barsta
- Bakery & Confectionary

- Corporate Homes
- Retail
- Leisure Attraction
- Banks
- Telecom Firms

Entrepreneurship in Some of the above mentioned avenues.

Your Next Career Move

After spending a couple Years in the Hotel Industry/Hospitality that you will turn into an ace and shall gain or enhance on the subsequent qualities/competencies/areas:

- Committed To Excel And Consistent in delivery outcomes

- Demo fair and Decisive leadership abilities

- Outstanding communicator

- Will have a great Respected in the industry

- Exemplary Enterprise Track listing

and approachable
- Great Interpersonal Skills

- Enthusiastic, Innovative and creative

- Strong focus to detail

- Will Manage by Example

- Focus on developing Employees' careers and assessing potential

- Able to impart Knowledge to employees

- Organising staff Polls and acting on these

Upon gaining or Improving upon the competencies or qualities as stated in the previous slide, you will be in a position to choose your next career move from hotels to another industry. Here are a Couple of examples of places for which you could apply:

- Personnel Manager/ HR Supervisor or an authoritative position

- Administration Head

- Faculty in a College/University instructing Hospitality

- Primary or Head of

- Can become a Food Critic

- Launching your personal Resort or Restaurants or even a Food Chain or a Traveling Agency

- Private Catering Business

- Travel Guide


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