How Node.js is Changing Our Internet Need for Speed

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A JavaScript development framework is making lives easier for big companies, putting in the sales that they need in real time. Their servers run smoothly and it's all thanks to Node.js.

Changing Needs

In the modern times, we use the internet differently as before. We read emails, watch and download videos. Our interaction with the cyber world was passive. We chat with acquaintances in message boards and in blog comments but all of them aren't done in real time.
The introduction of social networking websites and its popularity made us change the way we use the internet now. There's a high demand for immediate responses and real time feedback is very important. It's okay if only a handful of people do this. But there are millions of users who are interacting on a single webpage at a single time and in reality, the web isn't built for this type of interaction.

Real Time Response Needed

Real time replies will require every user client to send queries to the server which will make it slowdown. In terms of making immediate responses, the old approach will lead to inappropriate response time. Immediate responses from websites means that we have to improve servers and not rely every bit of communication from the client side. The data needs to be pushed to the client and there should always be data that will require pushing. If both server and client observe this tedious process then the performance that a user will get from the internet will be a lot better.

Speed-up the Website like Google Chrome

Node.js is a framework that runs in JavaScript using V8. This V8 is the fast JavaScript engine of Google which was intended for their Chrome browser. Node.js has a runtime environment that pushes the JavaScript that runs in the server to reach the client in just a few seconds. The V8 converts JavaScript into readable machine language rather than interpreting the data as byte codes. To make a program interpret byte code, will require a program to work overtime and make it slow. This conversion from readable machine language provides the speed that Node.js has and if you combine it with asynchronous programming, it boosts the power of the program to give users the responsiveness that they demand.

How Node.js Works

In 2009, Ryan Dahl created Node.js because he saw the need of websites that constantly query the server so that information about the amount that got downloaded will be displayed. He thought of ways to speed it up and he believes that it will be possible if the server pushed updates to the client without the need of the client to start every query. It's like when you're listening to a person talk, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are listening to them 100% of the time. You just receiver the information that they give out. Human communication is oftentimes out of sync. It's never constant. It's chaotic. It's not like a computer's programming language. Human language happens spontaneously. One party doesn't need to wait for the other to respond before a new message will be sent.
Node.js also works this way. It has an event loop function that makes sure that the sent data isn't always queried for, but just pushed when available. When the event loop is busy pushing the data, the Node.js can let the program run without any hitches and leaves the heavy load aside. It works best in idling moments. It doesn't need to query all the time for additional information.

A Developer's Best Friend

Node.js is ideal to applications that caters to millions of users. The memory space isn't consumed so much because the real time communication is managed by an event loop program. The functionality of an app become better because it won't get clogged by the amount of queries that it takes in.
If you're a website developer knowing Node.js is advantageous. Web-based communications and gaming apps need lightweight and actual time responses from millions of users. It's the first choice to come up with fast, scalable network applications and it can immediately fill in the need for speed.


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