How Smart Boards Can Benefit Teachers And Students?

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In this age of digitization, children are extremely aware of technology and thus, it becomes very much difficult to keep them motivated and engaged with the traditional blackboards and books. In such cases, the smart board can offer a lot of assistance as their interactive components can manage to draw the attention of the students, especially children, and keep them engaged.


Smart boards are a classy replacement of the traditional boring blackboards. Over the years, this innovative technology has further gained popularity among students of all ages. The interactive whiteboard has the ability to turn an ordinary classroom into a fun learning environment by creating the perfect learning set.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits that smart boards interactive whiteboards offer in a class room setting:

1. With smart boards, the visibility is highly improved and even the back-benchers can clearly see the board without any hassle. Teachers have the freedom to increase the text fonts and image sizes for the convenience of students.

2. Being interactive in nature, smart boards make way for better interaction between the teacher and students. Using technological aids such as these, teachers can always design lessons with the inclusion of certain activities that can drive student engagement.

3. Another benefit of using smart boards in the class is that it allows the teachers to get rid of paper handouts and this helps in saving the natural resources and also time.

4. Smart boards can make brainstorming within the classroom fun as teachers can not only put together ideas / texts but also diagrams, images, or videos.

5. Photographs, videos, graphs, maps, games, and almost all forms of media can be used on the smart board to make education extremely dynamic in nature. This increases the range of content that the teachers can use for teaching students.

6. With smart boards students get the liberty to go beyond their text books and explore different resources that can further help in clearing concepts. This not only increases student engagement but also helps in clearing concepts in a manner more effective than traditional modes of learning.

On the whole, installing smart boards in the classroom environment can have a major impact on the way teachers teach students and at the same time enhance the learning process for students. Thus, it can be said that this smart technology ensures that both students and teachers get maximum benefits.

The smart boards, being technologically advanced systems, can be easily linked to the IP network of the school and can be controlled remotely and managed via the SNMP client or web server.

Also, considering the fact that these would be primarily used in a classroom setting with children, they are structurally quite strong. These interactive whiteboards have a durable surface made from steel and can be easily cleaned with whiteboard cleaner. Besides this, the smart board interactive whiteboard can be installed in any type of classroom without the need of complicated wiring or ceiling mounting. Thus, from the point of the view of the school administration too, usage of smart boards in classrooms can be of great advantage.

Therefore, it can well be said that the use of technology in the whole process of teaching and learning benefits students in a big way. Young minds now don’t just have to believe what their teachers say; they can actually see and understand the concepts being used in real life. Also, since it is a known fact that we tend to remember things we see way longer than those we hear, usage of such visual aids in the classroom can help students retain the concepts learnt for way longer.


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Technology is the best so far

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