How To Delete Comments Section From Wordpress

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There are some tips in this article which is helpful for you to delete comments section from wordpress.

Delete Comments Section From Wordpress

For those who want to stay in the world of blogging on the Internet, but prefer to have a little privacy, learn how to remove the comments section can help you achieve this goal. The most popular online domains provide a way to remove the comments, and also between these Wordpress. Know how to turn off the comments on this site will allow you to draw healthy boundaries and decide who can comment and who does not. Let's see how to delete the comments section by Wordpress.
Why Disable Or Moderate The Comments Section- A blog Workpress allows you to create new messages from a computer or smartphone and have conversations with your blog readers. These conversations take place in the "Comments" section below each post. To ensure that comments are appropriate, most of the blog administrators choose to control what is published in this section. Most Wordpress blogs are public, and any spam, inappropriate or controversial messages can ail readers. Often spam messages trying to redirect people to a product or a web page, often fraudulent.
Moderate Comments- You can moderate comments via email. In the Dashboard, under Settings and discussion sections, you can choose to receive an email every time someone comments on the blog, and every time a message is displayed in the "Comments" section of the Dashboard. This can be a good solution if street is rarely receive comments, if you travel often, or you have created strict rules for discussion. You can also check a box if you want to reply to the message by e-mail. If you are moderating a series of blogs, is an unwise, because you might overload your inbox. You can also moderate your comments directly from the Dashboard.
Delete The Comments Section- Always on the Dashboard, find the entry labeled "Comments." This does not completely eliminate the comments section, but gives you the ability to delete all comments that have been added.
You can also turn off the option by going to Settings here. You can choose to disable direct all comments for each post, or you can disable only those of a particular post. You can easily do it by your own too. you have all the abilities to do it perfectly.
Now a days there is lot of bloggers actually "wordpress bloggers". who love to do blogging and they are not aware of comments and other things. Some times they want to delete it and they are not able to find the way to comment off section so here it is we discussed in this article.

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