How To Restore WhatsApp Messages On New Phone?

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A complete guide to help Android/iPhone users restore WhatsApp messages from old phone to new phone in different ways.


Heading into the autumn months in 2017, it is time for you to pick out a brand new mobile phone after witnessing the debut of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Huawei Mate 10, iPhone X and etc.

Wait, how about your WhatsApp history? Do you want to leave them behind on your old phone? Don't really want to? Then how can you restore WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone or vice verse, if you have a WhatsApp backup file on hand?

Well, if you have WhatsApp backup files on your phone internal memory or cloud service, then it is just a piece of cake for you to restore WhatsApp messages back to your Android/iPhone mobile. Please check out Part 1 for detailed steps.

And if you want to restore Android WhatsApp backup to an iPhone, or an iPhone backup to an Android phone, please jump right to the Part 2.

Part 1: Restore WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android, or iPhone to iPhone?

For Android and iPhone users who have used WhatsApp’s built in backup feature to backup WhatsApp to phone local storage, Google Drive or iCloud service, deleted messages can be easily restored back. The detailed process are as below:

If backup file is stored in Android local memory:

Step 1. Install WhatsApp on the new Android phone, but don’t run it yet.
Step 2. Connect both old and new Android phones to computer.
Step 3. On the computer, open the file explorer and find the folder named WhatsApp in the phone memory.
Step 4. Inside the WhatsApp folder, open the database folder where WhatsApp backup files are stored.
Step 5. Copy the most recent or the older backup file you want, and paste it to the same location in the new Android phone.
Step 6. Run WhatsApp on new Android and login with your account info. During the install process it will prompt you to restore from backup file.

If backup file is stored in cloud service:

Step 1. Install a new WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play store/App Store on the new phone.
Step 2. Verify your phone number to login the WhatsApp account that you used for creating the backup.
Step 3. When a pop-up window prompts that a backup file is found, hit the “Restore” button to let the app performs the restoration automatically.

If your backup contains media files like videos, the restoration process will take a bit longer. When it finishes, your messages are back.

Part 2: Can I Restore WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone, Or iPhone To Android?

Is it possible to restore WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, or vice versa? It’s easy if you try with this WhatsApp Data Manager tool.

Next, we will show you how to transfer an Android WhatsApp backup to iPhone. And the process of restoring WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android is much the same as the steps below.

Steps to transfer WhatsApp backup:

Step 1. Run the program and choose the free BACKUP function.
Step 2. Connect Android to the computer, and let the program creates a backup of WhatsApp from Android to the computer automatically.
Step 3. Pull out the Android, and connect iPhone instead.
Step 4. Choose the RESTORE function in the program interface, and then select the backup file just created.
Step 5. Finally, restore specific files you need or even the whole backup to the phone. After that, all the restored files will be display well in your phone.

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