How and Then Here and There: A view of our world

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This is a review of an old anime series which lasted just 13 episodes.

Now and Then

Because ten billion years is so fragile, so ephemeral it arouses a bittersweet almost heartbreaking fondness:
This poem opens every episode of Now and Then, Here and There, an anime which is supposed to take place on a future Earth ten billion years from now when then the Sun is a red giant and the oceans have boiled away. the few remaining humans have little water to survive and are in a constant state of war caused by a megalomaniac named Hamdo who sees himself as a king and his military commander Lady Abelia who is hinted to be in love with him asnd will do anything he wants her to do . Even kill.
Hamdo rules from a giant warship called Heliwood manned by kidnapped child soldiers. These children were captured from villages which were soon destroyed afterward. Women are raped by the adult soldiers in the hope of breeding soldiers for the army. The hero of this story (if you an call him that ) is a 14 year old kendo student named Shu who meets a strange young girl named Lalaru in the present when she tried to escape Helliwood.
Shu is mistakenly transported to this world when he tried to rescue her from Hamdo. He was tortured then drafted into the Helliwood army, but is instead drafted into the army.
Lalaru holds a pendant which contains the only hope of saving this world. Shu has an admirable respect in the sanctity of life and refuses to kill anyone, which unfortunately makes him look extremely weak and vulnerable. Another major character is Sarah, a girl from the United States who was mistaken for Lalaru. She became a prisoner of Helliwood.
Two other young soldiers are the closest Shu has to any friends in this future world Nabuca, a boy who is the same age as Shu and a small boy names Boo. Both hold on to the hope that they can go home when the war is over. It's the only way they survive the hardship and cruelty.
This Anime is political expressing many of the problems in the world today including slavery, rape, child soldiers and genocide. It is worth watching if you want to understand the real world now and then.


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