How anyone can hack your android devices

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Android, as a complete software stack for mobile devices, is a powerful platform that provides all functionality required to assure the correct operation of the mobile device.
Android devices are getting popular nowadays but problem is android devices doesn't provides you more security in comparison with java based devices.
In this article we will discuss about how anyone can hack your android device.

Hacking android devices easy way

Android is open source but that doesn't mean you have full access to system by default.
Some applications and configuration are restricted by manufacturer or by carrier to protect critical system components.
But, you can easily hack into android and get full access to system by rooting android.
Rooting process consists of privilege escalation attack where, prior to exploitation of an existing vulnerability in android, the user has administrative rights in the system.
The routing process can also be performed by flashing a custom system image that provides root access by default.
But, there are some risks of routing android. The most important risk of "bricking" your device which means your device software may get completely damaged and your device may not work ever again. This can happen because the rooting process is suddenly interrupted and some core files are accidently corrupted or maybe your device firmware get corrupted.
The result of this is failed process is that your phone is unable to boot or keeps booting in a loop.
Another risk of rooting your android device is root access enabling can make your device more compromised to malicious codes.
Now its time to discuss on tools used for rooting android:--

1. SuperOneClick -- SuperOneClick is probably the most universal rooting tool because it roots
almost all android phones and versions.

2. Z4Root--- Z4Root is an android application that comes as a normal apk file like the ones
that are installed from the official Android market.

3. GingerBreak--- This android app executes the GingerBreak exploit that gets root access
on GingerBread ( Android version 2.3) devices. Ir may also work on
other versions of Android such as - 2.2 ( Froyo)

Before rooting your android devices remember that we are not responsible for any damages if occurs in your device.
We have shared this article for educational purpose only. So, don't use it for illegal purpose.


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