How did Wikinut make me happy?

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Does Wikinut make you happy? In what way?
Here is a short review to share about the Wikinut making me happy.


Even by the time I was new to Wikinut, I found the features user-friendly. It wasn't difficult to maneuver and take a first step for the fun and write. The site was easy to manage and to contact them was not of any hassle.

They have guides easy to locate, Wikinut stat to review the page statistics of every member, and nutpoints that kept me up-to-date to all my earnings. Their categories were well displayed and I could contact them for a personalized category as well.

They have shortcut URL for easy links for all my pages.To change my profile page and account details were easy like the formatting on their editor page.

The Badges

By the first time I had a glance at my badge I was already amazed and curious. It seemed like a positive reward which was good aside from the earnings to be gained. The badges seemed to be interesting and motivating. When I first got my star page I noticed a smile on my face. I was happy and posted a discussion on the other site I was into. A happiness shared will widely spread.

The other Wikinut badges such as Wikinut belts, published pages, and total page views served as my guides and were so helpful every time I checked on my profile. It made me aware and realized up to what status I was. It helped me kept updated of my level in the community.

The status badges also made me aware who were the moderators and admin behind this site. That way I knew whom to look up to and asked help if ever I need.

The Moderators

Every time I submitted a page I saw the comments from the moderators- good, or bad, which served as a feedback. The way they phrased them were not mean. They made sure they were sound judgments that could mold me better.

They allowed to republish pages which seemed good and easy for many writers. However, because I love Wikinut and valued much, I practiced to keep posting original articles that I never published before. I respected other people's preferences of republishing, but this was written only to share my Wikinut life.

The Guides

Wikinut made sure their guides were easy to find and follow. They made them visible with vivid details. They were brief and precise which were very helpful for beginners and a content guideline that well tackled their subject matters. They also suggested tips to make an easy earning, write better, and capture the readers.

They could help me level up to a better Wikinut writer as they welcomed me to their Wikinut way and Wikinut Life pages. They helped me give ideas to write and promote my site.

The Community

It seemed like the people in Wikinut were sound and friendly. They kept the fun going and could share the pages in other networking sites.They were there to review or give critiques for fellow writers. They continued to inspire and help each other hand in hand. They were not just fellow writers, or friends like those in networking sites, but the kind whom supported me to keep my Wikinut life alive.


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author avatar Kelraye78
30th Jul 2010 (#)

Wikinut made me happy too!

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author avatar maftab92
30th Jul 2010 (#)

Well written content.

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author avatar SuzAlicie
31st Jul 2010 (#)

I too am enjoying Wikinut, it is a positive writing environment with a lot of encouraging members.

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author avatar drelayaraja
2nd Aug 2010 (#)

Nice share.

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author avatar angel
20th Aug 2010 (#)

nice one!

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author avatar CC23
29th Aug 2010 (#)

thank you =)

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
29th Sep 2010 (#)

I absolutely agree with you! I have only been on WikiNut for a few days and I Love it! Everyone has been so friendly, supportive and refreshingly interactive and lively. It makes a difference when you connect into a passionate responsive group! And, as a Nashville Tennessee Comedian, Minnie Pearl, used to say, "I'm just so glad to be here!"

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author avatar Denise O
1st Oct 2010 (#)

I just love wikinut also and
for all the reasons you have stated.
Great article.
Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar SiddiQ
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

I really love Wikinut! Earning badges is like getting a pat on the back, as the Chief Nut wrote in his badge about badges.

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author avatar Retired
5th Dec 2010 (#)


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author avatar CC23
25th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks for all the comments everyone. =)

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author avatar Val Mills
19th Feb 2011 (#)

I've just returned here after a short break and post both original and previously published work from other sites. I am enjoying being back.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Mar 2011 (#)

I like to read such article very happily.
Darn good write up.

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author avatar Jlyn11
25th May 2011 (#)

It's nice to know, thanks for sharing.

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author avatar kingjr
27th May 2011 (#)

I also enjoy the site, not just for money but for fun. Thanks hushi22.

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author avatar AnnH
12th Jul 2011 (#)

Nice post, thanks for sharing.

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author avatar CC23
11th Aug 2011 (#)

thanks for all the comments everyone. hope you also enjoy your wikinut pages. =)

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author avatar Mikey.
2nd Jan 2012 (#)

Lovely write well done regards Mikey.

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