How do you drink your wine?

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There´re many ways to drink wine and this is a very traditional one in Spain.

How do you drink your wine?

What a silly question to ask, anyone may exclaim. However, it isn´t this silly, because there´re many ways to drink wine, although, the commonest one should be with a small glass.
In Mediterranean countries, a wine glass is always smaller than the water one, meaning that one has to drink less wine than water.
There´s also a custom to serve wine in jars and to pour it in small, ceramic cups such as in Galicia with many of their wines.
Posh people will drink their wine in long glasses as though it was scotch or champagne. Others will use metal pots and drunks won´t need none of the above.
A "bota" is a traditional recipient made of goat´s skin, sewn by hand and covered with tar inside. It´s a handy one that many people will take to picnics, bullfighting or football matches as well as farmers or builders will take it with their lunch.
A traditional shape ressembles a drop of water (or wine as you prefer it) or a tear and the top of it will be stright or curved.
When buying a new one, one should keep it full of wine for at least 24 hours, changing the wine from time to time -not to be drunk! and after this initial period, the "bota" should be ready to be used.
How to drink out of a "bota"
It isn´t easy and one will need to practise several times.
1. Take the "bota" with your left hand on the bottom and the right one holding on the top.
2. Pull your head backwards and lift the "bota".
3. The top of the "bota" to point at one´s mouth and press the bottom to let the liquid go into the mouth.
4. At first, one won´t lift the "bota" too high, but this is something that anyone does with a lot of practice.
To stop drinking, we´ll do in the same way as to drink, but letting the bottom to go and lowering the "bota" to the mouth.
Under no circumstances, one is going to drink out of a "bota" putting one´s mouth on the top, particularly if one´s to share it with friends or relatives.
If doesn´t require too much work to keep it well, but only a wash with water before filling with wine will be enough. If not in use, one should wash it with water and fill half of it to let it laying in.
Carried the wine in such a container, it´ll keep it at the right temperature if it´s red one.
One these days, these wine containers are made in different materials, which are cheaper than the goat´s skin.
So, now you know that there´re different ways to drink (and to enjoy!) a good drop of wine.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
13th May 2014 (#)

that's a classic la bota from Spain and not only used in picnics but in the bullfights OLE!

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author avatar Sherri Granato
20th Aug 2014 (#)

I drink my wine from a glass large enough to hold the whole bottle. Lol

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