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Facebook has moved from a college photo sharing site to a burgeoning business networking platform for self promotion, advertising and multimedia interaction.

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It has been observed that facebook users are not only college students and teenagers but also adults from all around the world who are spending more time on facebook than other channels and media. In the past few years, facebook has moved from a college photo sharing site to a burgeoning business networking platform for self promotion, advertising and multimedia interaction. With almost 350 million members worldwide, the small networking site has become a powerhouse in the online marketing community. Facebook the place to be in and the advantage is that it is a platform to integrate free advertising.

Advantages of Facebook

Facebook allows people to connect with leaders in their industry, with fellow business people, potential investors and new customers. The important advice here is to create a brilliant profile page which is the heart of your community. It is also imperative to stay active and update your profile with news and valuable content on regular basis. This helps to build your profile by reminding your contacts that you are still around.

Once you have developed friends and build relationships online, you will realise they begin to know and like you and gradually this turns into trust. You will discover that amongst these friends there are many who share similar interest as you and they will make connection with you. These people who are credible and popular might be having their own large network of facebook contact and quite likely you can get connected with them as well.

Marketin strategies on Facebook

An essential internet strategy is to engage in ongoing dialogue with your contacts by posting comments on other people’s article posts, status updates and photos. They will appreciate this and most likely return the favour. Status updates are a fast way of sending a message to everyone about a new product, seeking a piece of business advice or sharing any other piece of news.

Facebook has another great marketing strategy named “Groups” which is the same as your circle of friends. A group places you as a leader and displays what you are offering or providing to the fellow networkers. Facebook users who join your group can be converted to prospects for your business by using effective attraction marketing strategies. It pays to establish a group and provide value to the members of the group through e-mails, invitations to an event etc. However, the opportunity for success in marketing your business on facebook is grand but you must be realistic. Do not expect results the first time you start a group or post a status. Online marketing is based on determination and stability. Talking of lead generation, regardless of the fact where you are, you will be spending a good amount of time focusing on online lead generation which is a never ending process. As a brand campaigner and promoter, your main concern would be to ensure that this process does not stall.


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author avatar Denise O
9th Dec 2010 (#)

Heck, I still can't put pictures in a album on facebook.LOL
In my defense, I am a new member of facebook.
It has been a great way to keep in touch with my daughter, that is 2000 miles.
I also am able to keep in touch with my three good and oldest friends, whom are 2000 miles away also.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mira Pawar
10th Dec 2010 (#)

Denise have u managed put the pic on facebook? If not, i can help you step by step......

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author avatar Mr Arrogant
11th Dec 2010 (#)

Great one. Really facebook connects so well. I keep in touch with my friends, old batchmates, cousins, relatives, neighbours, fellow workers, teachers, using facebook

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author avatar hieroglyph
17th Dec 2010 (#)

The Marketing Strategies part is the most essential pointer for me... Thanks for sharing Mira...

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author avatar Mira Pawar
17th Dec 2010 (#)

You are welcome hieroglyph,

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