How hackers attack web application using Google

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What is web application hacking?
Web application hacking refers to attack on applications themselves as opposed to web server softwares upon which these web applications run.
Actually, web application hacking involves many of the same techniques as web sever hacking, input-validation attacks, source code disclosure attacks and so on.

How hackers use Google to find vulnerable web applications?

Search engines like- Google, index a huge number of web pages and other resources.
Hackers can use search engines to make anonymous attacks, find easy victims, and to gain the knowledge necessary to mount powerful attack against network.
Search engines are dangerous sometimes because users are careless..
Search engines can also help attackers to hide their identity , such as mostly hackers use Google as proxy server to hide their original IP address.
In some recent years, search engines have garnered a large amount of negative attention for exposure of sensitive information.
Hackers use Google to find vulnerable servers and web application.
Below is list of some methods used by hackers:---
1. To get list of publicly accessible pages on a website hackers use:--

2. To find unprotected /admin , /password , /mail directories on a server hackers use:---
"Index of /admin"
"Index of /password"
"Index of /mail"

Now you need to make sure your server is secure before submit your webpage or server on google or any search engine.
Never invite a hacker on your server by leaving even a single vulnerability.
Check for vulnerabilities on your server now before it gets too late.


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